Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I've been in a bad mood for six months

That's why I haven't blogged. Bad mood, what can I say. Not a life-changing, earth-shattering bad mood. A bunch of pebbles, but no big rocks. Just your every day type of bad mood. Pedestrian and personal. Too private to share, too boring to bother.

Still, it's a thing. It keeps me from blogging, but that's the least of it. It keeps me from being my most productive. It keeps me from exercising. It keeps me from being outgoing. It keeps me from seeing friends. It keeps me from eating right. It keeps me from being sunny.

And then all that...keeps me in a bad mood. Oh, plenty of pockets of good moods, but overall...generally bad mood. Ever happen to you? Stupid little cycle of stupid. Bah.

I mostly blame my left foot.

Sometime in December, I broke an unimportant foot bone. I don't actually know when or how, but when I finally saw the doc in late January that's what the xray said. No wonder my foot and ankle hurt.

Then in May I tripped down some stairs and wacked up my calf and foot again. Arrgh. So inconvenient, these months of limpi-ness.

It kind of makes me realize how my life (everyone's life?) is balanced precariously on the pin. One minor injury and I teeter. Geezus.

Other than my constant whining that I have a general malaise, I'll bet most wouldn't notice. I mean, my blue is everyone else's sunny. But I know it. Boy do I know it.

I'm working hard on bucking up though. And pockets of sunshine abound! Like:

I had a ladies' getaway in New York in April with my pal Allison, and we drank and strolled and drank and gallivanted our way from dawn til dusk. Swell times!

I went on many excellent and fun date nights with Sir Cardigan in Alameda, the Mission, Oakland (uptown) and more.

I made a dollhouse of the inn. Ridiculous and semi-pointless, but dang it's cute.

I made it to New Orleans to surprise my dear dear friend on her birthday. Weeping ensued. The good kind.

I have read a crazy number of really beautiful, devastating, thoughtfulsatisfying books. A little thing, yes, but certainly life-enriching and positively distracting.

I achieved Great Fame.

See? I get enough good that I ought shut the hell up. I do. And I'm doing my dang-est to shake off the grouchies. Soon, I hope.

x's and o's, yo!


  1. I can completely and totally relate. Sometimes grouchy just lasts and lasts and lasts . . . and it's no fun and it does interfere. I think, during those times, all you can do is grab onto the good, which you've done. Hang in there!

  2. Boy do I hear you, and just want to shout out that you always inspire me! Sorry it's been rough, wishing you happier and healthier horizons! xo Val

  3. So glad you're back, and sorry to hear you've been having a tough time, I suspected as much when the blog remained silent for so many months. Nice to hear your voice again! -- Malynnda