Sunday, December 16, 2012

This is a collage about my personal style

I have been asked to create a small collage that demonstrates my personal style. I sort of thought, this whole dang blawg.

But then I thought it would be kind of mean to tell someone they should read the entirety of this here blawg. That's only something I do, like, on friday nights.

The thing is, I love collages. The kind you make with magazines and paste. And I love style. Duh. But, I can't see that happening...magazines have pretty pictures and all but almost never have anything that would accurately reflect my personal style. Unless there's a magazine about thrifting. Is there? There must be.

So, I think I'm just gonna stroll through this here blawg and make a collage with WORDS and SOME pictures. And, a whole lot of self indulgence.


1. I am a little bit of a freak

Plump white ladies with multi-colored dreadlocks are not shrinky violets. I've often said that it doesn't really matter what I wear, since I bring the party on my head and people don't really scroll down. Now, the dreads are such a huge part of my personal brand (and my professional brand even more so) that I can't really ever cut 'em off. Which is cool, since I don't want to.

2. I am (actually) curvy and dress in way that doesn't hide it - and often accentuates it.

I'm not using "curvy" as a euphemism for "fat" (which, still, I am). I'm actually curvy. I have large ladies and hips and my waist goes in at the middle. That is what curves are. Speaking of which, did you see this great article about media use of the word curvy? Amazing and truthful!

I am not always comfortable with my curves, but dang, I've come along way! Baby!

By the way. I NEVER used to wear belts. Now I wear them every day. Accentuates the curvy bits.

3. I wear a uniform almost every day.  

This is the eclectic pillar of my personal style, and it took me a lot of trial and error to develop it. I've talked a lot about it on this here blawg, but here's the recap...

First you take a shirt - preferably old, with writing. Then you add a skirt - preferably girly, often in a pattern, and cute. Then a cardigan or blazer. A belt. And boots. Ta-da! Outfit!

4. I treat clothes as an art project. 

This has been, and continues to be the most dang fun thing I do with clothes. Not "matching" things but, rather, finding things that complement each other in cool ways is what I mostly learned from the lovely Alice. 

I usually choose one thing I want to wear and try to find a pattern that I can repeat, or a color...something. The result is an outfit that doesn't appear to match but somehow the eye appreciates it. 

And, since I lay out my outfits for the week on Sunday nights, I'm often looking at the whole week as a canvas. No one else sees all the outfits together...but I do.
Please forgive the douchey-ness of this entry! Pretentious much?

#5..the juxtapostion
5. Give to me your leather, take from me my la la. 

I really really really love to mix styles. Lacy tights with engineer boots. Stripes with flowers. Rock-n-roll hairdo with pearls. Etc. I love the juxtaposition. It makes me happy, and it means you just never really look like anyone else (hey, I sense a theme here!). 

I think that this, and #4 above, are why I wear separates vs dresses. Dresses give me much fewer opportunities to put things together.

Over on the right...perfect example! Gold brocade fancy skirt with lace-up combat boots. LOVE.

6. Theme to the extreme (a phrase I stole from the epically stylish Allison). 

Sometimes, when I go down a (usually) kooky road, I just gotta go there entirely. That is, if I find myself wearing two or three shades of blue, I almost have to just wear six shades. Might as well. It goes for practically anything - a style, a color, an era. 

On the right...This is me as an eighties rock-n-roll madonna type of thing. Leopard skin, fishnets, plaid pencil skirt, rock shirt, a shitton of rhinestones and silver jewelry. A studded belt. This is actually one of my most repeated outfits.

7. This kind of goes without saying, but I love old things.  

Thrifted, but usually not vintage. Part of why I love old things is because I can't afford new ones! I am also cheap! And I love clothes way too much to limit myself (see: excessive personality). Thrifting allows me to have a lot without the outlay of dough.'s a super fun challenge to put things together on my own, not because some smart stylist at a store told me something worked. 

That said...I do still buy the occasional irresistible or on-sale piece at a store. 

That's it. Did I miss anything?

PS. The world is pretty sad right now. Me too.

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