Monday, December 10, 2012

I have the crazy best-est of lives

You guys. WHAT THE FUCK. I always have so much to say, but it rarely leaves my brain. Shocking, since most people who see me every day would agree that I rarely shut up. 

I have been off, you know, LIVING. Also, not dieting. But that's another post. OR NOT. We'll just have to see.

I have been awesomingly busy with this challenging and lovely life o' mine. 

Like, one day I met this plenty amazing woman who is the mother of the artist mentioned in this post. For work. After spending an afternoon talking with her, I can decidedly say that the apple falls close to the tree, just like they say. I say this not only to namedrop (one of my most excellent skills), but also cuz I dressed HARD for her. In this outfit. And she did that thing where you assess someone's whole person and find it right on. I TRY.

And then there's the JOB. My day job. I am surrounded by really smart, hard-working, and genuinely nice people who have basically allowed me to only do the work at which I am best. Being present in meetings, thinking up fun stuff, entertaining. Etc. But, a lot of it. So my brain and heart are totally swamped.

I have a new dog. Her name is Jem. Or, as she says, JEMMMMMMYYYYYY! I still miss Cotton too much to bear. And I'm glad I have a bundle of crazy to worm her way into my heart (also my bed, geez). 

I have become obsessed by a new project. A dollhouse. Which I'm decorating to be a miniature version of my inn. Maybe I will post photos. 

Next week, one of my favorite online clothing stores is gonna come visit me and my closet with a camera and such. That'll be fun! Also weird.

Mostly, though, I'm so very grateful to have a life that IS busy and challenges me so damn much every day. 

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  1. awesome! I love dollhouses, btw. One of my favorite things at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam when I went years ago was the amazing dollhouses - it used to be a tradition for wealthy families to build an exact replica of their homes.