Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Put a belt on it!

Get it? Get it? Like Porlandia's "put a bird on it" but with belt. 

Man I love me some belts. Just like I never feel fully dressed without a smile, I also never feel fully dressed without a belt. 

All that to say that while I was certainly fully dressed and smiling here, I was without a belt. That white line you see in the waist area is just skirt piping.
  • Charter Club pink/black/white cotton & acrylic cardigan $6
  • Black and white cotton full-ish skirt $5
  • Frye's! $10
  • Black tank top $4
  • Plastic pretty floral necklace $14
  • Bangles and earrings $2
  • Headband $1
Not thrifted: Not one thing!

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I'm being a brave little toaster and posting unflattering (not to mention UNCHARACTERISTICALLY BLURRY) photos of myself because this is helpful to me.
  • That said, I'd rather not.
  • However, I still will. 
Total outfit cost: $42

P.S. I had been doing SOOO SOOO Good staying on plan, but then I went on a work retreat which had perfectly good greens and proteins...buuuuuuuut also some delicious desserts and one piece of fried up chicken. I kinda veered off plan road but did not go entirely onto binge avenue unless you count the airport impulsively bought pretzel m&ms which I only bought because I like salty and sweet but as it turns out these were just bland and sweet and yet - and yet! - I still finished them but I strongly encourage you to resist because those are just not worth it.


  1. Your post has many good points but all I could think is: Want.That.Cardigan

  2. I don't normally give unsolicited advice, but this is not of a personal nature so I will make an exception.

    If you take photos from above looking down you will look shorter and squattier. If you get your photographer to crouch down and shoot up at you you will become instantly taller and lankier. It's true! My chief photographer is, as you know, a very tall person and when he is lazy and shoots from his normal height I see the photos and cry.

    This is my advice to you! How you get your photographer to crouch or lie down is your problem.

    PS I'm glad to see new blog posts, I had forgotten to look for a few months.

    1. Ha ha ha! "My photographer" is a shelf! Also, Dear Superheroine, when you are fat-ish (ME!), the photo from down below is also not great. Longer, yes. But not lanky. Lots of doubleness of the chin and wideness of the hip. I have, embarrassingly, TRIED. Sigh.