Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Put a belt on it!

Get it? Get it? Like Porlandia's "put a bird on it" but with belt. 

Man I love me some belts. Just like I never feel fully dressed without a smile, I also never feel fully dressed without a belt. 

All that to say that while I was certainly fully dressed and smiling here, I was without a belt. That white line you see in the waist area is just skirt piping.
  • Charter Club pink/black/white cotton & acrylic cardigan $6
  • Black and white cotton full-ish skirt $5
  • Frye's! $10
  • Black tank top $4
  • Plastic pretty floral necklace $14
  • Bangles and earrings $2
  • Headband $1
Not thrifted: Not one thing!

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I'm being a brave little toaster and posting unflattering (not to mention UNCHARACTERISTICALLY BLURRY) photos of myself because this is helpful to me.
  • That said, I'd rather not.
  • However, I still will. 
Total outfit cost: $42

P.S. I had been doing SOOO SOOO Good staying on plan, but then I went on a work retreat which had perfectly good greens and proteins...buuuuuuuut also some delicious desserts and one piece of fried up chicken. I kinda veered off plan road but did not go entirely onto binge avenue unless you count the airport impulsively bought pretzel m&ms which I only bought because I like salty and sweet but as it turns out these were just bland and sweet and yet - and yet! - I still finished them but I strongly encourage you to resist because those are just not worth it.