Monday, September 17, 2012



I'm back, friends! And after a summer of gluttony and whackadoodle busy-ness, I'm hunkering down and getting serious. About weight loss, work, life, etc.

It's not that I haven't been serious the last few months. Gawd knows that I've been gawdamn full up serious with work, events, travel, guests at the inn, and good times. But I kind of let the pace be in charge of me rather than vice versa. AKA, me being in charge of the pace. So, now, I'm letting all the fall marketing ploys about back to school and summer's over and all that work their bullshit on me in a good way.

I've continued to stall about getting back on Medifast because of, oh, you know, the lies that dieters tell themselves (like, "I can't go back on my diet yet because Winesong (a superfun wine and snacks event in Mendocino) is coming up and I will totally go off for that so why bother starting?" ETC AD NAUSEUM.

It's not just the diet part though. It's also the swell of work and feeling like I hop on the ride in the morning and just try to swing at all the curves without stepping back to freaking think and prioritize one gawdamn minute.

Plus my house is messy. Also my car.

Plus I have these chairs that need recovering at the Inn that stare at me every day, taunting me with their worn-ness.

Plus, plus, plus.

Speaking of "plus," ModCloth recently posted a survey asking "plus-size" women what they want their clothing sizes to be called. As in, do you prefer "woman," "plus-size," or any of many other terms. I said clothing should just be in sizes, period. Why differentiate?

I digress. All that to say that I am back. Back to getting organized and serious which included deleting plants vs zombies off of all my machines so I can't be a big ol' timewaster anymore. And, back to the blawgoland which seems to keep me honest because I can't bear to report that I'm a fuck-up. 

Poetic License "Need I Say Amour" heel in plaid
Speaking of getting serious, how about these shoes (top right) that I am wearing on my feets right this very minute? (No photograph because I don't have a picture taking device with me today).

I have been jonesing for a pair of Poetic License shoes forever but they are always waaaay out of my price range (also, new vs used). But then ModCloth had a rad super sale and I scored some for $30. Still expensive for me! These are far from my favorites but they were the only ones that were cheap and in my size.

"Luncheon My Way" wedge
On this same shopping spree I scored these RIDICULOUSLY 5" high shoes (floral wedges, at left) for $12. I wore them twice last week and didn't fall down, not even once! Pretty fun and also pretty but not exactly practical. Although I did wear them at an all-day client meeting, testing the limits of just how silly I can be professionally (turns out, really silly!).

"Peak's Island Picnic" one-piece more item of Great Importance. For the first time in about eleventymillion years, I bought a swimsuit. On sale again, and very cute. On the model at right, at least, if not on me (RELAX, I'M FINE, SORRY IF I THINK THE SUIT LOOKS CUTER ON THE MODEL THAN ON ME. THAT'S NOT ME BEING DOWN ON MYSELF, JUST HONEST, OKAY? OKAY.)

I find it sort of humorous that in a post about getting serious, I have posted three rather silly photos. Hey my serious is different than other people's serious!

Missed you. Talk soon.


  1. We've miss you lots. Believe me. I subscribe to a few blogs, but honestly, you're my favorite (check out Left of Plumb, though . . . she's second). You have what I look for in all media--humor combined with real. Anyway, love the shoes, love it all. Especially you.

  2. YAY, you're back!. Really missed your blog, it's one of my absolute faves. I've also fallen off my weight watchers wagon since July, and could use your inspiration. Thanks for keeping it real.