Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh deer!

My friend and colleague Ellen is just about the most wildly - and wholly uniquely - creative person I know. 

We'd been working together for about a month or so when she was in charge of our very first staff meeting warm-up (like kindergartners, we start every meeting with some sort of ridiculousness because of my kooky notion that it gets people out of their head and in to the room and thinking differently). In honor of national poetry month she had us read The Jabberwocky aloud in stanzas, each of us taking a turn. Dorky, right? Well, right, if you mean good-magical-now-a-tradition dorky. It wasn't at all what I had in mind as a warm-up - but it was lovely and perfect.

Since then - well, the list of things she's made and done for me is cra-cra long and totally unbelievable. The latest are these sweet little deer earrings that she sent for my birthday. Pink (despite the white-looking-ness of this photo, lest you forget I can't make the camerathingamajig work properly). With sparkles. LOVE. Thank you Ellen. They inspired a deer-like ensemble. 

  • Light blue cotton cardi $4
  • Multi-colored paisley print full skirt $4
  • Brown wooden bangle $1
  • Brown wooden deer pin $2
  • Brown boots $10
Not thrifted:
  • Brown Great Day in Elk (which is LIKE a deer) t-shirt $20 (A Great Day in Elk is this wacky wonderful community festival in the tiny town a few miles south of our inn. Think moroccan lentil soup with flatbread from the community square brick oven, a locally grown violin/banjo/cello band, a pony ride which was basically a pony with a kid on it that a lady would just lead around the crowd, and - best of all - this 50 foot wooden greased pole with money stapled to it that these feral hippie kids would shimmy up and grab. RIVETING.)
  • Scrap of green fabric for a headband $0
  • Deer earrings - THANK YOU ELLEN!
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Umm, this outfit? I look like fucking hobbit. Enough said. See previous post on going back on Medifast. However, I should tell you that Sir Cardigan said "That's a cute outfit" today when I came downstairs in this getup. So that's something.
Total outfit cost: $41

P.S. Thank you so much for your emails to me in response to yesterday's post about maintenance and re-weight loss! You guys are all correct - this *is* the hardest part of weight loss. By "this" I mean the part where you don't freaking gain all the weight back. I've always known it (and found about ninety times on this here blawg where I said out loud that I knew I'd have to be on a diet for the rest of my life) so I wasn't surprised. Just bummed. BUT NOT LIFE-BUMMED DON'T WORRY! Just diet-bummed.

Y'all had lots of nice and thoughtful ideas for me and I boiled it all down into one excellent and foolproof formula that I AM HOPING works for me (but maybe not anyone else). It's this:

I'm one serious badass chick. 

Silly, right? And so damn arrogant. But, cross your fingers, it might just be the best incentive for me. You see, I like to be known as badass. I do. Not mean. But strong, independent, my own person, a little fearless (other than of heights, bridges, rock-y things, and the space between the jetway and the airplane). Hopefully that's not a shock to anyone. But get order to be one serious badass chick, I have to in fact be badass. Get my shit together. Not be lazy. Get shit done. Stop whining. Be the best I can be. Remember a week ago when I wrote about getting serious? Yeah, getting serious is really just a euphemism for baddening the ass. It's an awesome circle, badassness. You can't be badass if you have no willpower. And for the times I think I have no willpower, fuck that, badassess have willpower for ten. That is who I am. It is. I'm sorry if that's all embarrassingly egotistical but at the age of 47 I would just like to be honest about who I am and who I aspire to be. Badass. 

The end.


  1. "baddening the ass". very nicely put.

  2. So. You plan to go all out honey badger on the weight thing. Nice.

    And I am so copy pasting this "Yeah, getting serious is really just a euphemism for baddening the ass." into my favorite quotes file.

    I mean to try some ass baddening myself as well - Rock On Madeline

  3. Here is the thing about pointing out one's badassness:

    If one is not a badass, and tries to point out their badassness, this can make them an ass.

    But, if one is actually a badass, referring to one's own badassness may occasionally be required in the course of being badass. cuz that's how badasses roll.

    I would put a list of reasons Madeline is badass here, but that would be, to quote, cra-cra long and totally unbelievable.

    So glad the deer found a good home!

    Miss you,

  4. So much to say, but mostly--embrace your badass. Because you're not an asshole, you're not arrogant, you're not full of yourself. You just actually see yourself for who you are. Do you realize how rare that is? Most people are just personas, not even in touch with both their good and bad attributes. And that's why we love you so much--'cause Madeline just IS. And that's more than damn good enough.