Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You can't handle the truth!

Actually, *I* can't handle the truth. But here it is anyway. As of June 2011, I had lost 98 pounds. Between then and about January of 2012, I gained 18 pounds. That is the truth. And tho I eat like a rabbit (a wino rabbit, but stillllll), those 18 pounds have decided to stick around.

It's pretty typical to gain weight after a drastic diet like Medifast. In fact that's why my original goal was to lose 120 pounds, not 100. So that I had some wiggle room...about 20 pounds of wiggle room to be exact.

So, hey, turns out I was right about needing the wiggle room. Awesome. I guess the good news is that I gained that 18 pounds back over six or seven months and I haven't gained any more in the six months since. But I've been trying to lose that 18 pounds and can't seem to swing it eating greens and protein, 1200 calories a day, and running a bit. Irritating. Now I'm thinking I should just really go on medifast with a 40 pound goal so that I can get to my original goal with staying power. How crazy does this shit sound? C R A Z Y.

Look, I know that some of you will say, "hey you should just let it go" and "you're fine the way you are" etc. But, I'm in charge of me. I want those 18 pounds gone.

In other news, I continue to wear clothes and a lot of 'em. And I still can't take a decent photo.

  • Worthington black/white tweedy pencil skirt $4
  • Black and white clingy cardigan $4
  • Citroen-y t-shirt $4
  • Patent leather t-straps $7
  • White beads and clip ons $4
  • Scarf $1
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Hmmm. Needs something. What?
  • Perfectly comfortable business lady wear, eh?
Total outfit cost: $24


  1. Love the citroen-y color ! Thinking maybe a longer 2nd necklace might be a nice addition. Or bright colored bangles...hmmm

    1. I know, right? I am in jewelry rut. Maybe I'll put out your mom's stuff...

  2. Great outfit! And I think you look great but respect your decision to strive for exactly what you want. Sounds super frustrating and also unfair that you have to work so hard for it, though.

    1. Well...exactly might be a stretch. But what I think is right, sure. It's only minorly frustrating, truly. But, yeah.

  3. You are right- YOU are in charge of you. (Love that) I have a question though, just cuz I've always wondered. After a diet is done/accomplished, how do you go back to eating normally (not over eating but regular food again) and not gain back weight? Just a question. Out fit - fab. A friend of mine and I were just holding you up as an example of someone with fabulous style!

    1. Most structured diets (like mine) have a significant transition phase to let your body slowly adjust. But...this article is sobering and (I think) true. Sigh.