Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photos are liars

So get this. I continue to be flummoxed by the taking of an honest, non-blurry, not horrible photo every day. I am all over the place and don't really have a system. I have bought a supposedly better digital camera, and I do use a little tripod sitch but still...blurry, a little or a lot. This is despite having been a trained professional photographer in a former lifetime (Sears Portrait Studio. 1983. Assistant Manager. YEAH.)

For today's outfit, I tried to take the photo at the office (I'm always a little bit in a hurry there so I can't fuck around too much) and thought it was fine but blurry. So, I decided that maybe it was all about the light so I took another when I got home. 

At the office. Fakey light.
At home. Sunshiney.
Same girl, same day, same outfit. Uhhh, OKAY. 

Obviously the angle is somewhat different. I kind of hate the one at home where I am an inverted triangle cuz of the higher shelf from which I take it. 

Neither is a good outfit photo.

Ay yi yi. I guess I still get a sense of what's going in with the clothings and the body and stuff. But still. Bah. So different!

  • Brown polyester a-line circle skirt. I LOVE THIS SKIRT. $7
  • Orange-ish fake leather belt $2
  • Green and white polka dot polyester shirt $4
  • Jean jacket $7
  • Blue and green and white polka dot scarf from my mom $0
  • White ball earrings and necklace $4
Not thrifted:
  • Seychelles wedge mary-jane-ish heels $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I love the idea of a jean jacket but never like it in reality. Too boxy? Or is it that I feel too much like Amy Grant? It does work in terms of color, I think. But everything else, hmmmm.
  • I really liked this outfit other than the jacket. Even if it does make me look very large chestified. Whatever. I am.
Total outfit cost: $44


  1. Pay me $40K/year, and I'll be your personal photographer :-)
    Oh, the delusions of the job-seeking . . .

    1. That would be awesome! When my ship comes in, I will call you right up!

    2. Thanks, Madeline! You are a true friend :-)