Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh yeah. What. Hi. So.

We interrupt this staycation from this here blawg to actually blawg.

What is a staycation from a blawg? I do not know. I merely meant, like, I was gone without going anywhere yet didn't make any blawg good times.


I actually took an outfit photo today but that's gonna happen for y'all tomorrow because I've been blawgone for so long I can't quite put my finger on my camera and thus decided to use my cameraphone but naturally that device was being an asshole so then I had to use Sir Cardigan's cameraphone and because I also can't quite put my finger on my cord that connects the camera to the computron I then and also therefore had to email myself the photos which, here in Cardiganza, takes a mindblowingly long time and so forth I do not have the outfit post for you on this day which is today.

PHEW. It is a LOT of work filling up blawg space with a run-on sentence but I DID IT. FOR YOU.

As mentioned, I've been busy and busy.

1. There was this:

Sir C and I do not have children and have managed to sponge off our childbearing friends. Turns out, those little buttons grow up, dagnabbit. And, one of ours graduated from college down in LA. She works at Disneyland and is so sweet, kind, and all-around darling that she practically *is* a Disney character. So we made her a (classic-style) Disneylandia game chock-full of memories and advice and fun. We don't know if she'll ever play it, but if she does she'll find out that it mostly just says we love her in glue, foam, photos and sheer unabashed maudlin-ness.

2. And this:

Ha ha ha ha. HA HA HA. The fourth of July in our little inn-town is quite freaking amazing, mostly because of the parade. It's just a great, creative, funny, and fun parade. This was our second year to enter with our inn's own float. We turned our little truck into a bathtub. A bottle of overflowing bubbles, guests in robes passing out bubbles. Rubber ducks. ETC. The theme was "The Andiron: Good clean fun!" In the spur-of-the-moment, I elected to wrap a towel around myself (instead of my planned bathrobe) and appear to be naked-ish in the tub. Which, you know, is fine in a that's-the-spirit sort of way but, umm, not in the "my upper arms are my least favorite part of my body" sort of way. So there's that.

3. And also this:

Yeah, my company merged with another company. Kind of a big deal in which I Am A Businessperson. So, that was, y'know, a thing.

All this to say that after having bought five - FIVE - black, lightly embellished cardigans over the past week along with one SERIOUSLY FABULOUS fur-collared number, there are some outfit photos in your future. 

Onward, friends. It's July! Cardigan season! Yay!

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  1. If I was laying in a hospital bed and really, really needed a transplant, would you give me one? I'm talking about an ENERGY transplant, since you clearly have far tooooo much. Amazing. And fun for us readers.