Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am your 9th grade spanish teacher.

Actually, my 9th grade spanish teacher was Sister Ernestine. I look, let's say, nothing like her. Maybe more like Sister Paula, my 12th grade art teacher. I TA'd for her. She was a nun, but not the kind that wore a habit or anything and she definitely rocked the vaguely ethnic, natural fiber sort of look like I'm sporting in this getup. Of course, if I was really going for that, I would have worn a mexican smocked shirt. 

I really liked Sister Paula. She was cool. Come to think of it, I think she is the reason I got scouted by the nuns my senior year in high school. I even went to a sleepover at the convent with a bunch of other girls, complete with a Really Spontaneous Midnight Snack Raid. AWKWARD. Those nuns, whoa, they were trying so hard to be friendly and normal and casual in their curlers and robes, but, you know, no. I felt bad for them. Most of them were pretty nice. Still, I wasn't *really* in the market to become a nun and I eventually had to turn down their invitations to Super Fun Nun Events. Once you've seen Sister Anne Eugene in her jams, it's all downhill.

  • Beautiful vintage silk travel scarf (tropical/islandy) $2
  • Red acrylic(!) lucky sweater $7
  • Polyester cross-hatch print shirt $3
  • Woven black belt $2
  • Camel sweater material-ish skirt with poncho fringe $4
  • Bangles $4 (so pretty! see the photo below!)
  • Bead-y necklaces $4
  • Pretty little shell clip-ons, gifted
Not thrifted:
  • T.U.K. black peep-toe platforms $16
  • White undershirt $2
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  •  I like the colors in this a lot - camel, black, white, mustard, a little aqua, red.
  • And I LOVE this skirt. Comfortable, charming, and a little retro. AND LONG. Especially since it was 54 degrees in San Francisco when I wore this, that extra warmth was a good thing.
  • But. But. The layers up top needed to be more varied. I could have tucked the shirt in, but it still wasn't right. The sweater needed to be shorter I think. 
  • And, don't laugh, I could have used another necklace.
 Total outfit cost: $44

P.S. Bangles! From the top to the bottom...

  • Orangey/gold thick plastic (maybe bakelite?)
  • Etched asian print on black wood
  • Tortoise-shell looking bone (so the flea market lady said, at least)
  • Mustard plastic (maybe bakelite?)


  1. love the skirt and the bangles!

    1. This is totally a Jenny skirt! Maybe I will give it to you when I've had my fill of it.

  2. Oh, I love this outfit so much! So pretty. If I were a boy, I'd hit on you.
    And Sister Paula. I adored her. She was so not "nunny". And the first time I heard Dire Strait's Sultans of Swing was in her class. Thanks for the memories.

    1. That is so rad that you heard sultans of swing for the first time in her class. I wonder whatever happened for her. I remember she told me once about a boyfriend she'd had before becoming a nun and I was astounded that she'd rather be a nun.