Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A clingy black cardigan is the very best cardigan

A true true fact: my clingy black cardigan goes with everything. Witness:

So, it's a sad thing (yeah yeah first world sad blah blah) when your favorite cardi is beginning to get snags and runs and nubbles. This particular one is silk and nylon, so not too many nubs but still. It's getting on. I've been on the lookout for a new one, but the right one of this kind is not too common. And then, while at the Goodwill in Healdsburg on Sunday (where I found a MAGNIFICENT set of wooden tray tables perfect for the inn), I found FIVE. FIVE. All of 'em clingy, all of 'em slightly interesting with a bead or a button or a flower. None are exact, but all are quite good. At $3 each, I bought them all. What can I say - I feel comforted knowing my black clingy cardigan needs are met. It's the little things people!

Here is the first one...It's INC and has nylon floralish embellishments. The person who gave it to the Goodwill probably did so because it's missing a few florets on one side. I actually thought that made it look better. Less matchy-matchy. I consulted with my colleague HB and we pulled a few off the other side too. Now it looks intentionally asymmetrical, but not in the weird wrinkled wrong berkeley rich lady way. 

I am wearing it with my favorite t-shirt of all time - square bodice with halter neckline around the top. See how the white peeks out up there? Awesome.

  • Black embellished INC cardigan $3
  • White t-shirt $2
  • Orvis long wool skirt with pinks and green floral yarn embroidery around the hemline $4
  • Black high-heeled sketchers $6
  • Bangles $2
  • Pink clipons $2
  • Scarf $1
Not thrifted: Nothing.

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I've been in to wearing longer skirts lately in general and particularly now because I have a mad case of poison oak all over my legs. PRETTY. You can't see it, but trust and believe, PRETTY. However, HB and I agreed that this skirt could easily be a little bit more of the knee length variety than mid-calf. 
  • This outfit needed a little rocknroll to cut the country. Not sure what though.
  • The shoes are...not quite right.
Total outfit cost: $20. DANG ME, I'm thrifty!


  1. Agree on shortening the skirt - do you have a seamstress? I'm thinking with your eye, shopping skills & flair you + great seamstress (you?) could do some rocking and rollin with that skirt. I'm seeing a seam 2/3s up that both keeps the sweet detail at the bottom and shortens it up...

    Having said that, I think the lines really work in your pic overall so shorter may throw proportions off ?

    And +1 on loving the clingy black cardigan

    1. Do I have a seamstress? ME. And, I'm thinking of keeping the length after all (not just cuz my mending pile is almost as tall as me).

  2. Replies
    1. I have one for you! I will bring it next time I see you!

  3. I'm going to vote for leaving the skirt length. At least in this photo the long and straight is very slimming and it's different. So many skirts are the usual length but this one is more 40'sish.

    1. Well, I *do* think it's a flattering photo, but I agree! I think my other issue is that the skirt is wool, elastic waist, and lined and is thus a little bulky. Shortening it won't actually fix that anyway.