Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pitch im-perfect

I put this outfit together for a pitch meeting (for my, umm, let's call it my "day job"). Now, if it was in DC or NY where pitch meetings tend to be there'd be no way I'd even think of wearing something like this. Heels. Always. And that's just for starters. But, you can get away with a lot in the bay area so this wasn't so nuts.

Still...I put it on and hemmed and hawed and hemmed and hawed and also waffled. A regular day at the office? Sure. But inspiring confidence? Communicating 25 years of experience? Maybe not. I'd already axed a pink-ish schemed get-up as being too confectionery. So it's not as if I had time to come up with yet another outfit. Whaddya think?


  • Brown cardigan $4
  • White t-shirt $3
  • Brown floral belt $2
  • Brown Doc Marten's double t-straps $4
  • Scarf $1
  • Dangly white earrings $1
Not thrifted:
  • White footless tights $5
  • Anthro heavy burlap-y like linen skirt with embroidered yellow, brown, and blue lines purchased in a moment of weakness on super sale marked down from i shit you not $150 to $29.
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • In my attempt to conservative up the joint I neglected to accessorize for the most part. So, boring.
  • Otherwise, cute. 
  • But...I decided it was too juvenile for a pitch meeting. Just a little bit too twee-french-school-girl to risk a bucket of dough and a cool campaign on, y'know? I think if I had some dressier brown shoes it could have worked - but my brown shoes all have ankle straps which fuck with the footless tights (which were necessary cuz the skirt is a tad short for me and I needed the tights for protection). AAAAANNNNYYYWAAAAYYYY, I ended up changing the entire thing at the very last minute to this. It's so great to have readymade outfits to turn to.
Total outfit cost: $49

P.S. The pitch went well. But because I like what I do, pitches are almost always fun for me. So who knows? 


  1. I dig the outfit, but yeah, some accessories would be good. That work/individual style can be so difficult. I wish I could find a job where I could wear skirts, tank tops, and flip flops all the time . . . but paid as though I was wearing a suit. Dreaming . . .

    1. From your keyboard to gawd's ears, my friend...

  2. Letting you know I also only buy thrift, previously owned or vintage now as a lifestyle choice thanks to your blog. I've extended that to pretty much everything in my life where possible. Good for the planet and all.

    This outfit needs accessories as noted, and the button at top of the cardigan should be undone with a different button to close it if you choose to close it at all. I think it widens the triangle out instead of drawing attention up to your gorgeous face and your genius words that I know you were uttering. Your bod is worth showing off, but I think it is best shown using a different button on this get up.

    Yes, you made the correct choice in your go to get up. We all need one or two.

    1. You. Are. Brilliant. A different button! Dear gawd, I have a GAZMILLION buttons and could easily change up the buttons on a blahdigan to make it a OoohLaLadigan. Brilliant idea!