Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mrs. Grown-Up Ladytimes

I think I look like a Mrs. Something today. Like a neighbor lady. Or a high school principal. I've actually never called myself Mrs. anything, except in silliness (Like, I refer to Sir C and myself as Mr. and Mrs. Andiron around our inn - the inn is "The Andiron"). In real life, though, it's just not my scene. Occasionally people address things to me as Mrs. [Husband's Last Name] and it cracks me up. Who's that? It never once occurred to me to change my name. I have no idea why anyone would. But whatevs. To each his own.

I kind of dig this grown-up get-up today. How about you? 


  • Taupes/browns/ivory cardigan $4
  • Polyester buttoned shirt $4
  • Man's striped tie I'm using as a belt (browns, white, olive, gold) $1
  • Laredo wrap around brown polyester skirt $4
  • Mess-o-pearls $5
  • Pearl clip-ons $1
  • Vintage ivory low-heeled maryjanes $2
Not thrifted:
  • Ivory/white lace tights $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I don't know! I got compliments today. That's nice.
  • Awfully matchy-matchy and monotone. But maybe that's cool once in awhile.
  • I've always felt that skirts like this make me look gigantical. But, I felt okay today.
Total outfit cost: $26

P.S. I added my late father's gold cross to the mess-o-pearls today. Even though I'm an atheist, it reminds me of my dear dad plus I think it's just so very pretty. See?

P.P.S. I've declared May to be "my life in dreadlocks" to force myself to try some new dreadlock hair-dos. Today I wound all my hairs up around my head and am calling this "soft-serve swirl" cuz I wound it kind of like how the soft serve goes round and round into a cone. It's quite conservative for me, but I dig it anyway. Oh, I know, it may not be noticeably different to you, but trust me, it's a little flatter, a little tidier than my usual up-do.

Soft-serve swirl dreadlock hair-do