Friday, May 4, 2012

Katniss-inspired dreadlock hair-do

I've had dreadlocks for eleven years. For the first five or six years, all I did was tie my hair in a knot, literally, on the top of my head. Add a scarf, almost turban style. And that's it. I've branched out quite a bit in the past few years, but still get in a rut. And I can't seem to find dreadlock hair-dos that aren't actually meant for rock stars or 20 year olds. Or rastas. 


I presume that everybody gets in a rut of one kind or another at some point. And it's either a good rut - "yay, I like that I wear sneakers every day and never have to think about my feets" or a rut you want to get yourself out of. I can't say that my hair not entertaining me as much as it has in the past is the worst rut in the world, but trying new things is always fun. To me. 

So, in the-my-life-in-dreadlocks new hair-do month, I'm trying some new do's. Mostly those which take one minute to do because I don't really like to spend much time on anything but sleeping in the rush of the morning. This one: super easy! I've been seeing all these pretty Hunger Games inspired braids lately, the kind that start way over on one side and come up over the head and down the other side. French braids. Man, I have mad french braid skillz. Finally! They're back! 

It's hard to braid dreadlocks though - seriously WAY too much hair. You end up with gross gigantic stiff braids. But, I kept this pretty simple and I like it. 
Sidebraid dreadlock hair-do
Whaddya think? Is it a keeper? Also, please send me your dreadlock hair-do ideas. But NOT those rave-girl pigtails. NO. Not for me. 

And, onto the clothing! Nothing special today. Thrifted:

  • Green pencil skirt $7
  • My most favorite white-ish (pink-ish) square-necked t-shirt $2
  • Sweet pink/charcoal western style shirt with pearly snaps $4
  • BEAUTIFUL pastel embroidered black cardigan $5
  • Frye boots $10
  • Black studded belt $2
  • Pink sequin clip-ons $1

Not thrifted:

  • White lace tights. Yes, the same ones I wore yesterday. Convenient that way. $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Umm, my come hither pose? Dear me. SORRY.
  • Oh, bellyhiparea. Yeah. This is sort of not working for me in that department. I think I needed a longer second layer and then I could belt it. When I belted this shirt it made everything fall to the same point and that is a layering DON'T. 
  • Also, still a little too chillywilly to be wearing this kind of springtime get-up.
Total outfit cost: $36

P.S. Are you in a rut? Maybe the kind citizens of Cardiganza can help! Tell me your rut woes.

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  1. Love the braid . . . love it! I'm totally in a hair rut but a simple trip to my hairdresser is going to fix that. Anyhoo--love the braid and the outfit both. You really are stylish (and I'm not just saying that 'cause I love you).