Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to re-ravel (and then some)

So, remember that time I unraveled? I have re-raveled and then some. It's hard for me to remember mid-unravel that I will bounce back like crazy. But, I do. It's not magical, though. I wish! I only bounce back if I actually deal with shit. 

In this case:

  • I fixed my phone - the one I completely fucked up with superglue. I went to four different places to try and get it fixed and finally I had to go to Bayfair Mall in San Leandro to a kiosk where there's a guy who can fix things. For cash only, no credit cards. If it sounds sketch, that's because it is. But $70 later, my phone works. Which is much better than buying a new phone, yes?
  • I made peace with my eyeglass situation. What eyeglass situation you ask? Well, I don't think I told you this because it was too embarrassing, even for me! You see, I also fucked up my brand new darling eyeglasses. The arm broke and I decided to fix it. WITH SUPERGLUE. Do you see where this is going? The superglue worked fine, but I got a little glue on the frame and decided to clean it off with nail polish remover. Do you know what nail polish remover does to plastic eyeglass frames? It melts them. Yeah. It does. Did you know that? Does everyone know that?

    So, yeah, I melted my glasses, the ones I had just paid lots of money for. And then *I* melted. And...after much sturm and drang about how I can't have nice things and how I am a stupid fucking idiot, I molded them back into shape and painted them to look fine. Not the perfect darling glasses I once had, but fine. I have worn them since I fixed them, here, here, and here. You can't tell in my shitty photos (but you can IRL). The goddamn truth is that I eventually would have broken them in some way because I break and/or lose everything, but I just did it a lot quicker than usual.

It's all just stuff. But wrecking two expensive things in the span of a week was a little much. And, in both cases, I wrecked them because I am careless and because I then think I can fix my own carelessness myself because I can do anything, you know? Ha ha ha ha ha, oh life, you slay me. I would like to say lesson learned but that would be a lie. I would also like to say "Superglue, I'm thru with you!" but that would be a lie too. You'd think, but, nooooo. 

Fixing the shit I effed up is part of the re-raveling but the other part is, simply and truly, checking things off the list. As in, working. Getting shit done, mostly for work but also for life. Last night I put away all my clothes and accessories and jewelry and made outfits. Went for a run. And, I've been eating so dang healthy. 

In other words, I have been behaving like a grown-up. Who knew? Turns out, the only cure I know for the blues is to do what you gotta do. I imagine that doesn't always work, and I sure know lots of folks who work hard and still have it rough, but working through my crap does the trick for me. So far. Phew.

Oh, hey, did you come here for the thrifted clothings? Yeah, I still do that. And, right now, I'm focused on wearing things that I haven't worn before. No point in keeping stuff that I don't know how to wear.


  • Jansen angora mossy green cardigan $4
  • Tee Fury tan t-shirt with lizard illustration $3
  • Blue, brown, white floral skirt $4
  • Beat-up brown cowboy boots $10
  • Bangles $3
  • Key necklace (I put keys on a chain, that is all) $2
  • Brown belt $2
  • Blue plastic clip-ons $1
Not thrifted:
  • Anthropologie wide-knit tights $15
  • ModCloth NonPareils white with brown dots top $38 (this was before I started thrifting - one of the first things I post-weight-loss bought)
  • Old red headband $0

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:

  • The cardigan is quite sweet but I didn't get the styling down on it and futzed with it all day. The length was maybe not right - or, I might have removed the belt and buttoned the bottom cardi button. Not sure. 
  • I gotta say - the tights made the outfit. Much more interesting than no tights or plain tights.
  • Also, Red! I popped that color and maybe should have just done one bangle or the headband and not both. But I love a popped color. I do.

Total outfit cost: $82 (GAH!)

P.S. Are you wondering what is going on with that masthead? Me too! Stay tuned for changes. Yeek, I definitely cannot stand looking at my mug all month. Okay. Now changed. I'm planning on some Brand New Dreadlock Hairdos this month. Hence the name and focus. Yep, it is indeed THAT exciting 'round the head area up there.


  1. I had my eye on those tights, too! But they were something outrageous like $40. Even when they went on sale to $25 I couldn't pull the trigger. But I agree, they are super cute!

  2. Love this.

    Probably because it's also true for me. The breaking/losing nice things, "I can fix it myself" mentality, the screwing up the fixing (sometimes), superglue being something I will ever be able to give up, and just being a grown up & GTD seems to clear the funk eventually - all of it. Love how you wrote it and will probably bookmark this for some future un-ravelment when I need the reminder. Life is funny and kicks you in the pants when you aren't paying attention.

    Also, I think using both red items works - wouldn't lose either - way to pop.