Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy birthday little bloggie

Well, howsie 'bout that. I've been blogging for a whole dingdarn year.

That's a lot longer than I thought I would. Flaky, me.

My first post was on May 9, 2011. My first outfit post was on May 10, 2011 - one year ago today! Unfortunately, I'm mostly wearing my pajamas while working from the inn this week and have no outfit for an exact year-to-year comparison, so here's a sort-of one on the right. 

You know what? For all my struggles to maintain over the past year, NOT BAD. Not bad at all. Plus, I have learned a LOT. In fact, I do believe it's time for a top ten list of things I've learned on this here blawg.

Lady Cardigan's Top Ten List of Stuff I've Learned About Thrift Store Clothes, Weight Being Weird, How To Wear Clothes, and MORE Since Starting This Here Blawg

My Life in Belts
1. BELTS. I rarely wore belts before. They are so wonderful for defining a figure, you know, "here's where I go in, right here in the middle where I oughta go in." I think it works for practically any size person who has a lady-type curvy figure. The comparison in the photo above is a great example. How much did I need a belt on that day last May? 

2. I don't like dresses. They're hard to fit - it's way easier to adjust a skirt and a shirt then it is to wedge yourself into a dress. And, well, they're kind of boring. A dress gets, what, a cardigan? Just two items of clothing? I like MORE.

3. I never try things on at thrift stores, but I do TRY things. I zip the zipper up and down a few times, button the buttons, put my hands in the pocket, look at the seams and test them for strength, etc. Because I'm an idiot, I didn't start doing that until about six months in. So, my mending pile is really big cuz I can't bring myself to throw out cute things that just need a hem or a zipper. Wait though. EVEN THOUGH I try things out, I often buy them even if they're flawed...because I am weak. WEAK.

4. Dear Pattern on Pattern. I LOVE YOU. I can't resist stripes with flowers. Plaid with paisley. Etc. Etc. Etc. I never did that before. Now I do. 

5. I preselect my outfits and line 'em up a little more than half the time. The rest of the time? I found my uniform. I can't say strongly enough that finding a way of dressing that makes my life easy on days I haven't laid out a get-up is a total gift. I feel put together because I follow an outline. 

6. I have no idea what anyone else should wear. When people ask my opinion of things, I'm unable to provide anything unrelated to whether I like and would wear it. I can't take anyone shopping. I don't know what your new style should be. I only know mine. 

7. Putting an outfit together is a blast. Who knew? It's way less about matching and way more like playing the game Set. Have you played? It's a mindfuck - you have cards with patterns on them and you have to find sets of three that either have one (or more) similarities or no similarities at all. Same with outfits. You find the often-subtle similarities - maybe it's the weight of the fabric, or a circular pattern, or a repeated color (but not, y'know, all black or whatever). Here are some of my favorites:

My Life in Outfits
8. Umm, shockingly, people continue to be weird about weight. I think it's just an intensely personal thing. I am comfortable using words like fat and skinny and curvy and overweight and such, but not everyone is. And, even those who are define it differently from person to person. I have handily offended people on all ends of the spectrum. I've alienated friends and strangers with my own prickly perspective. I still think talking about it, owning it, takes away it's power (over me at least).

9. Many people I don't know read this here blawg. And many people I know very well don't read this here blawg (probably cuz DEAR GAWD they get enough of me already!). It's completely kooky who reads it (dudes! business acquaintances! inn guests! etc!). And...kooky that people I don't know too well comment to me in person about something I wrote about two weeks ago and I'm like, "uhhh, what?" It ooks me out. I've overshared and I just have to be cool with that. But the people who read this here blawg mostly don't share - that is, they don't comment (except for a half-dozen regular commenters, whom I like the best of all of you, thankyouverymuch). What's up with that?

10. My intent for this blawg was to learn how to dress and to keep the weight off. That's mostly working. That is, seeing pictures of myself teaches me something and embarrasses me. That is maybe not the healthiest attitude, but it's the only way I know how to do this. Shame and humiliation, yeah baby!

Hey! That's a lot! Dang. I never ever thought in a bzmillion years that I would start a blawg. That I would take pictures of myself (bleeechhhily mortifying). That I would blawg about, of all things in the universe that I am interested in, clothes, weight, and food. That I would keep it up for a year (and counting). That I would, well, like it. I am a 46 year old grown up lady who changed things up (and how!), and am shockingly living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. 

So, yeah, I think I'll keep it up!

(P.S. I also use so many run-on sentences and parentheticals that I'm surprised anyone can get through a post. This wouldn't be that funny except that I write for a living in my real life. HA HA HA HAHA.)


  1. Happy Birthday to your blog, Lady Cardigan. I just started reading a short time ago, but enjoy it immensely. Glad you are going to keep it up!
    Ann R.

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you . . . you know how it goes. A year? Really? Trippy. I have loved each and every post. Can't wait to see what the year brings (no pressure or anything *cue evil laugh*)

  3. Congrats on your anniversary!!!! So glad you're continuing. And, as a fellow blogger, if you EVER find out how to get the majority of people who read your blog to leave comments, let me know!

  4. I only met you in person half a dozen times over the last decade (I was one of Tom Krackler's gang at GetActive, but I have been inspired by this blog. Thanks, Tim

  5. As a regular commenter (yay me!) I had to say Happy Anniversary!

  6. Definitely keep it up. I love this here blawg. And down with the vast legions of people who read blawgs and do not frikking comment (which is most of the people who read my blog, apparently...)

  7. Happy anniversary, Lady C! My favorite outfit is the 3rd from the left, the brown one. Cute as a button.