Monday, May 28, 2012

Childish by choice

It boggles my mind that of all things, I blog about clothes and weight. I mean, my life is actually about marketing, non-profits, political stuff, my freaking inn, Sir C, books, dogs, goats, and friends. And then...clothes, food, and weight.

Umm, pretty much in that order. Hi Sir C! I love you!

So, it's a little weird and a little embarrassing that I spend my time even thinking, let alone writing, about clothes and weight. Who fucking cares?

I've had a hard time making sense of this. It's a tiresomely recurring theme on this here blawg. I mean, shouldn't I be sharing all the pretty goddamn real shit I deal with every day? I'm not bragging about my shit, swearsies. I'm honestly confused about why I don't feel the need to share my ups and downs of being a woman running a company or crazily buying an inn with Sir C or how I feel about the damn nuttiness of politics right now or even being a new owner of goats. Those subjects all seem way more helpful to the world than Check Out How Cheap I Got This Outfit.

Maybe I don't feel comfortable talking about more serious things? Maybe I think there's enough serious bloggers in the world? It's true that I deeply admire people who think and write beautifully and thoughtfully about politics every day. I am daunted by them. And the people who talk about marketing or organizing usually strike me as douchey and preachy. I def don't want to be one of them.

So that leaves me with this kooky little blawg over here. In the scheme of the world, inconsequential and silly.

Still and all, here I am! I think I know why.

I am motherfucking busy. Certainly less than others (how do people have kids, my gawd!), probably more than many. My day job is consuming in time and in brain-use, to say the least, and I truly love it. My night job - the inn - also consuming, more in the time and energy departments than in brain-time but with the added complication of being so very intensely personal (seriously, you should definitely start a hospitality business with your mate if you want to dive way into the deep end of everything).

And then there's this here blawg. Which, I think, serves some sort of wacky balancing purpose. It's fun. Childish even! Not important. 

Except, well, to me. And to my sanity. Maybe this is just DUH to most people, but it's become very clear that being able to just wax on about stupid shit on this here blawg is a little bit therapeutic for me. I get to focus on the most nonsensical edges of life and I think, I really think, that it makes me better in the other parts of my life.

Also, this: last week one of the most courageous organizer/thinker/leaders I know needed help. She's a client who has become a friend, and was invited to an intimate birthday dinner for a Famous Person and had nothing to wear. She came over and we put her in a dozen outfits until she found the one that was a stretch for her but still felt comfortable. She looked DARLING and, more importantly, FELT great.

She is a kickass woman who regularly works in war-torn countries, speaks with national and international media daily, explains complex political situations inspirationally every day, and so much more. This remarkable woman found the outfitting experience to be "transformational."

Wild. Wild, perplexing, and totes great. What is it about feeling good about yourself - body and looks - that makes you feel damn good about everything else in your life? So simple but such a fucking gift.


  • Mustard Liz & Co short cardigan with rad big collar $6
  • Black cotton swingy skirt $7
  • Black and white floral blouce $4
  • White t-shirt $2
  • Black belt $2
  • Bangles $3
  • Necklaces $10
  • Earrings $2
Not thrifted:
  • TUK plaid platform/wedges $16
/what I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Love the cardigan color and length, but waaaay too thick for this getup.
  • That's all? That's all.
Total outfit cost: $52

P.S. I am also childless by choice. But that's another post...

P.P.S. Last year on the same date + this year. Fun.


  1. I think that feeling good in your body and looking good in your body translates to feel good in all other parts of life because no matter where you go, there you are. And if you're not happy with you, then that spills over onto everything else and changes your attitude.

    Not you you, Lady Cardigan, but the generic you. Or perhaps I mean "me."

  2. I remember a really smart and cool person (Alice) once said to me (us) that when she was feeling a bit blue she would put on a really cute outfit (I know, all her outfits are really cute) and take extra care with her makeup (which always looks perfect) because immediately when she would go out someone would smile at her and she would instantly feel happier.

    I love moving through the world being just a little bit (or a lotta bit) decorative and special. Why not? I actually feel like it's my personal social responsibility to take the time to brighten up the place a bit with my zany or pretty or fun outfit.

    I just bought a vintage I.Magnin double knit robin's egg blue Laura Petrie suit for $5 at a garage sale today. I can't wait to show it to the public!