Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pitch im-perfect

I put this outfit together for a pitch meeting (for my, umm, let's call it my "day job"). Now, if it was in DC or NY where pitch meetings tend to be there'd be no way I'd even think of wearing something like this. Heels. Always. And that's just for starters. But, you can get away with a lot in the bay area so this wasn't so nuts.

Still...I put it on and hemmed and hawed and hemmed and hawed and also waffled. A regular day at the office? Sure. But inspiring confidence? Communicating 25 years of experience? Maybe not. I'd already axed a pink-ish schemed get-up as being too confectionery. So it's not as if I had time to come up with yet another outfit. Whaddya think?


  • Brown cardigan $4
  • White t-shirt $3
  • Brown floral belt $2
  • Brown Doc Marten's double t-straps $4
  • Scarf $1
  • Dangly white earrings $1
Not thrifted:
  • White footless tights $5
  • Anthro heavy burlap-y like linen skirt with embroidered yellow, brown, and blue lines purchased in a moment of weakness on super sale marked down from i shit you not $150 to $29.
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • In my attempt to conservative up the joint I neglected to accessorize for the most part. So, boring.
  • Otherwise, cute. 
  • But...I decided it was too juvenile for a pitch meeting. Just a little bit too twee-french-school-girl to risk a bucket of dough and a cool campaign on, y'know? I think if I had some dressier brown shoes it could have worked - but my brown shoes all have ankle straps which fuck with the footless tights (which were necessary cuz the skirt is a tad short for me and I needed the tights for protection). AAAAANNNNYYYWAAAAYYYY, I ended up changing the entire thing at the very last minute to this. It's so great to have readymade outfits to turn to.
Total outfit cost: $49

P.S. The pitch went well. But because I like what I do, pitches are almost always fun for me. So who knows? 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I don't shave my legs

Kate sent me this email the other day. I didn't ask her if I could reprint it; hope she's cool with it!

"It may surprise you to know that one of the most lasting impressions I was ever given by a woman, regarding beauty and sense of self, came from you almost 30 years ago [ED: really it was 26 yrs ago. I'm not sensitive about my age nosirreebob].

Remember our days of singing at the Sunday 5:30 mass?  (Well, duh, how could we forget?)  One Sunday we were practicing in the back room at the Family Center before mass.  It was one of the first really warm days that Spring and you showed up wearing a dress and sandals.  I was standing behind you at practice and happened to look down and noticed you didn't shave your legs.  No biggie in the big scheme of things, but for me, a girl who had been SOOOOOO conventional all her growing up years and was just beginning to chafe against all that, it was eye opening.

Here's what I saw:  A girl 4 years my junior had a whole hell of a lot more sense of self to just be who she was and not worry about convention than I did.  From a political/self realization/grow the hell up point of view, your not shaving spoke volumes.  Sure, you may just not have done it because it's a time consuming pain, but still, it made a statement to me.  And the statement was about way more than just shaving.
Here's what else I saw:  The dress was pretty and feminine.  Your legs were tanned and the hair looked soft and nice.  I remember thinking, "She looks so pretty!"  Even at 20, and with a completely different style than you have now, you were lovely and a trend setter.  I've never forgotten.

I'm sure you make much bigger impressions on people today, due to all your amazing work, than you did at age 20 by flashing some leg hair.  But again, it wasn't just about shaving."

What a super nice message to receive, right? Here's what's funny about it.

I have three older sisters. And when I was 13 or 14, about the age you start thinking about girly stuff, my sisters wouldn't let me start shaving. "Once you start, you can never stop. WAIT." "Your hair will grow back hairier!" "Also, we're kind of hippies and legshaving is a tool of The Man." (I may have inferred that last one, btw). Etc. It's not as if they watched me every minute and I certainly could have snuck in a shave. But when you're the youngest of nine children, it's not like you and your mom share a special visit to the drug store to buy supplies and discuss becoming a woman. You pretty much forage your entire existence from what you can find around the house (clothes, school supplies, information, toiletries, etc.). And since I couldn't get my hands on a razor, let alone know what to do with it (no internet man!), I was pretty much out of luck. Believe you me, I was MORTIFIED that I didn't shave my legs. MORTIFIED. And I thought my sisters were just mean.

But, turns out, it was one of the best things I ever did. AKA, my sisters were right! I *wish* it was bravery or confidence that led to me being 20 years old and still not shaving...but I gotta say I was still a little spooked by the warnings my sisters had spouted. And now at age 46, I've shaved my legs maybe five times in my entire life. I KNOW. I wish I could say that my decision not to shave for all these years was a political statement about the weird obsession with hairlessness out there, but the truth is that I am just not hirsute. I have, like, nine hairs on my legs total. I probably would have made my way to a razor if I was hairier.  

I have no idea if other people notice I don't shave. I have so many other bumps and bruises on my legs that the hair seems insignificant. Who knows. Who cares. La la la.

So, in conclusion, dear readers: 
  • Do what your sisters tell you to do.
  • You never know what kind of impact you'll have.
  • Not shaving legs is good for lazy people.
  • Blurry photographs hide flaws (and hair).
  • Kate is nice.

  • Black cardigan that I wear at least once a week cuz it's so perfect $4
  • Black t-shirt $2
  • White wifebeater under shirt $1
  • Faded Glory red gingham with white eyelet ruffly cowgirly skirt $4
  • Frye boots! $10
  • Keys necklace $3
  • Studded belt $0 (old)
  • Dangly silver earrings $2
Not thrifted: NOTHING

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I love this skirt! Love! Gawd knows I have enough gingham for a lifetime of little house on the prairie marathons, but this one snuck up on me at the thrift store. Kinda cheap and silly, but it's the perfect length for me and just the right kind of feminine - wrinkled but ruffled. Summery. A little over the top, but not quite a costume.
  • I'm happy and comfortable with this outfit, but it's not breaking new ground for me or anything. 

Total outfit cost: $26

P.S. Last year and this year on May 30! Funny, I was quite uncomfortable in last year's May 30 get-up, but now I think it looks just fine. Probably cuz I was a bit lighter last year? Hmmm.

P.P.S. Is my inability to correctly apostrophize things irritating to you? Me too. Sigh. I've forgotten how to use apostrophes. Sorry.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is the kind of skirt I normally ignore. Long, plain, blue. caught my eye. Instead of boring I saw oooooooh. Vintage, lined, old-style circle skirt, in a gorgeous shade of peacock blue.

Wellllll, maybe I should have stuck with my original instincts. I think this looks boring and singularly unflattering on me. But it's not the skirt's fault. It's a perfectly fine skirt. Just not on me. I think. Plus, I tried and tried but couldn't style it correctly. Most of the day I also wore a floral shirt. But then I saw the crapass photo, 86'd it, and took another pic. Teeeny improvement.


  • Chadwick's blue wool skirt $6
  • Ivory mockneck $4
  • Tse butter cashmere cardigan $4
  • Orange-ish belt $2
  • Clipons $1
  • Scarf $1
Not thrifted:
  • Seychelle wedgey maryjanes. So cute! $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo: 
  • Everything?
  • Yawn. Yawny yawn yawn!
Total outfit cost: $38

P.S. Last year/this year. Good to know I've maintained my awesome modeling style, right down to the expression, eh?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Childish by choice

It boggles my mind that of all things, I blog about clothes and weight. I mean, my life is actually about marketing, non-profits, political stuff, my freaking inn, Sir C, books, dogs, goats, and friends. And then...clothes, food, and weight.

Umm, pretty much in that order. Hi Sir C! I love you!

So, it's a little weird and a little embarrassing that I spend my time even thinking, let alone writing, about clothes and weight. Who fucking cares?

I've had a hard time making sense of this. It's a tiresomely recurring theme on this here blawg. I mean, shouldn't I be sharing all the pretty goddamn real shit I deal with every day? I'm not bragging about my shit, swearsies. I'm honestly confused about why I don't feel the need to share my ups and downs of being a woman running a company or crazily buying an inn with Sir C or how I feel about the damn nuttiness of politics right now or even being a new owner of goats. Those subjects all seem way more helpful to the world than Check Out How Cheap I Got This Outfit.

Maybe I don't feel comfortable talking about more serious things? Maybe I think there's enough serious bloggers in the world? It's true that I deeply admire people who think and write beautifully and thoughtfully about politics every day. I am daunted by them. And the people who talk about marketing or organizing usually strike me as douchey and preachy. I def don't want to be one of them.

So that leaves me with this kooky little blawg over here. In the scheme of the world, inconsequential and silly.

Still and all, here I am! I think I know why.

I am motherfucking busy. Certainly less than others (how do people have kids, my gawd!), probably more than many. My day job is consuming in time and in brain-use, to say the least, and I truly love it. My night job - the inn - also consuming, more in the time and energy departments than in brain-time but with the added complication of being so very intensely personal (seriously, you should definitely start a hospitality business with your mate if you want to dive way into the deep end of everything).

And then there's this here blawg. Which, I think, serves some sort of wacky balancing purpose. It's fun. Childish even! Not important. 

Except, well, to me. And to my sanity. Maybe this is just DUH to most people, but it's become very clear that being able to just wax on about stupid shit on this here blawg is a little bit therapeutic for me. I get to focus on the most nonsensical edges of life and I think, I really think, that it makes me better in the other parts of my life.

Also, this: last week one of the most courageous organizer/thinker/leaders I know needed help. She's a client who has become a friend, and was invited to an intimate birthday dinner for a Famous Person and had nothing to wear. She came over and we put her in a dozen outfits until she found the one that was a stretch for her but still felt comfortable. She looked DARLING and, more importantly, FELT great.

She is a kickass woman who regularly works in war-torn countries, speaks with national and international media daily, explains complex political situations inspirationally every day, and so much more. This remarkable woman found the outfitting experience to be "transformational."

Wild. Wild, perplexing, and totes great. What is it about feeling good about yourself - body and looks - that makes you feel damn good about everything else in your life? So simple but such a fucking gift.


  • Mustard Liz & Co short cardigan with rad big collar $6
  • Black cotton swingy skirt $7
  • Black and white floral blouce $4
  • White t-shirt $2
  • Black belt $2
  • Bangles $3
  • Necklaces $10
  • Earrings $2
Not thrifted:
  • TUK plaid platform/wedges $16
/what I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Love the cardigan color and length, but waaaay too thick for this getup.
  • That's all? That's all.
Total outfit cost: $52

P.S. I am also childless by choice. But that's another post...

P.P.S. Last year on the same date + this year. Fun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have GOT to get better at this

People my people. I have got to take better pictures. BLURRY TIMES MCGEE. See, I don't care too much cuz I get the gist of it all (and maybe you do too) but how can I expect you to understand just how seriously great these dangly, handmade (maybe by a child!) sequin earrings are? They just look like blurry lumps. BAlrhjeoiha. Sorry.

Still and all, perhaps you can tell that this was the perfect outfit for a spring day. Blurry or not! And check out how I'm wearing two, count 'em, two belts at one and the same time. Uh-huh. Yeah I am!


  • Papillon embroidered and sequined and screened paris skirt $7
  • Ralph Lauren black and white striped t-shirt $4
  • Ivory cardigan $5
  • Two goldish belts $5
  • Chunky heeled Mudd black boots $10
  • Ivory scarf $1
  • Sequin danglies $2
  • Bangles $3
Not thrifted:
  • Black footless tights $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo: 
  • I have not been sweatering correctly lately. Too short or too long or whathaveyou. This cardigan was close but not quite right. 
  • I liked the footless tights with boots on this. Counterbalanced the girliness of it all in a teensy bit punkrock way.
  • I am always happy when I am wearing French-i-fied things. Always.
Total outfit cost: $42

P.S. Last year and this year, side-by-side (it ain't perfect because of the camera perspective situation. Irritating.)

Left: May 14 2011. Right: May 14, 2012

It's funny - I can almost (almost!) remember what I was doing that day just based on the outfit. Hmmm.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy birthday little bloggie

Well, howsie 'bout that. I've been blogging for a whole dingdarn year.

That's a lot longer than I thought I would. Flaky, me.

My first post was on May 9, 2011. My first outfit post was on May 10, 2011 - one year ago today! Unfortunately, I'm mostly wearing my pajamas while working from the inn this week and have no outfit for an exact year-to-year comparison, so here's a sort-of one on the right. 

You know what? For all my struggles to maintain over the past year, NOT BAD. Not bad at all. Plus, I have learned a LOT. In fact, I do believe it's time for a top ten list of things I've learned on this here blawg.

Lady Cardigan's Top Ten List of Stuff I've Learned About Thrift Store Clothes, Weight Being Weird, How To Wear Clothes, and MORE Since Starting This Here Blawg

My Life in Belts
1. BELTS. I rarely wore belts before. They are so wonderful for defining a figure, you know, "here's where I go in, right here in the middle where I oughta go in." I think it works for practically any size person who has a lady-type curvy figure. The comparison in the photo above is a great example. How much did I need a belt on that day last May? 

2. I don't like dresses. They're hard to fit - it's way easier to adjust a skirt and a shirt then it is to wedge yourself into a dress. And, well, they're kind of boring. A dress gets, what, a cardigan? Just two items of clothing? I like MORE.

3. I never try things on at thrift stores, but I do TRY things. I zip the zipper up and down a few times, button the buttons, put my hands in the pocket, look at the seams and test them for strength, etc. Because I'm an idiot, I didn't start doing that until about six months in. So, my mending pile is really big cuz I can't bring myself to throw out cute things that just need a hem or a zipper. Wait though. EVEN THOUGH I try things out, I often buy them even if they're flawed...because I am weak. WEAK.

4. Dear Pattern on Pattern. I LOVE YOU. I can't resist stripes with flowers. Plaid with paisley. Etc. Etc. Etc. I never did that before. Now I do. 

5. I preselect my outfits and line 'em up a little more than half the time. The rest of the time? I found my uniform. I can't say strongly enough that finding a way of dressing that makes my life easy on days I haven't laid out a get-up is a total gift. I feel put together because I follow an outline. 

6. I have no idea what anyone else should wear. When people ask my opinion of things, I'm unable to provide anything unrelated to whether I like and would wear it. I can't take anyone shopping. I don't know what your new style should be. I only know mine. 

7. Putting an outfit together is a blast. Who knew? It's way less about matching and way more like playing the game Set. Have you played? It's a mindfuck - you have cards with patterns on them and you have to find sets of three that either have one (or more) similarities or no similarities at all. Same with outfits. You find the often-subtle similarities - maybe it's the weight of the fabric, or a circular pattern, or a repeated color (but not, y'know, all black or whatever). Here are some of my favorites:

My Life in Outfits
8. Umm, shockingly, people continue to be weird about weight. I think it's just an intensely personal thing. I am comfortable using words like fat and skinny and curvy and overweight and such, but not everyone is. And, even those who are define it differently from person to person. I have handily offended people on all ends of the spectrum. I've alienated friends and strangers with my own prickly perspective. I still think talking about it, owning it, takes away it's power (over me at least).

9. Many people I don't know read this here blawg. And many people I know very well don't read this here blawg (probably cuz DEAR GAWD they get enough of me already!). It's completely kooky who reads it (dudes! business acquaintances! inn guests! etc!). And...kooky that people I don't know too well comment to me in person about something I wrote about two weeks ago and I'm like, "uhhh, what?" It ooks me out. I've overshared and I just have to be cool with that. But the people who read this here blawg mostly don't share - that is, they don't comment (except for a half-dozen regular commenters, whom I like the best of all of you, thankyouverymuch). What's up with that?

10. My intent for this blawg was to learn how to dress and to keep the weight off. That's mostly working. That is, seeing pictures of myself teaches me something and embarrasses me. That is maybe not the healthiest attitude, but it's the only way I know how to do this. Shame and humiliation, yeah baby!

Hey! That's a lot! Dang. I never ever thought in a bzmillion years that I would start a blawg. That I would take pictures of myself (bleeechhhily mortifying). That I would blawg about, of all things in the universe that I am interested in, clothes, weight, and food. That I would keep it up for a year (and counting). That I would, well, like it. I am a 46 year old grown up lady who changed things up (and how!), and am shockingly living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. 

So, yeah, I think I'll keep it up!

(P.S. I also use so many run-on sentences and parentheticals that I'm surprised anyone can get through a post. This wouldn't be that funny except that I write for a living in my real life. HA HA HA HAHA.)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Katniss-inspired dreadlock hair-do

I've had dreadlocks for eleven years. For the first five or six years, all I did was tie my hair in a knot, literally, on the top of my head. Add a scarf, almost turban style. And that's it. I've branched out quite a bit in the past few years, but still get in a rut. And I can't seem to find dreadlock hair-dos that aren't actually meant for rock stars or 20 year olds. Or rastas. 


I presume that everybody gets in a rut of one kind or another at some point. And it's either a good rut - "yay, I like that I wear sneakers every day and never have to think about my feets" or a rut you want to get yourself out of. I can't say that my hair not entertaining me as much as it has in the past is the worst rut in the world, but trying new things is always fun. To me. 

So, in the-my-life-in-dreadlocks new hair-do month, I'm trying some new do's. Mostly those which take one minute to do because I don't really like to spend much time on anything but sleeping in the rush of the morning. This one: super easy! I've been seeing all these pretty Hunger Games inspired braids lately, the kind that start way over on one side and come up over the head and down the other side. French braids. Man, I have mad french braid skillz. Finally! They're back! 

It's hard to braid dreadlocks though - seriously WAY too much hair. You end up with gross gigantic stiff braids. But, I kept this pretty simple and I like it. 
Sidebraid dreadlock hair-do
Whaddya think? Is it a keeper? Also, please send me your dreadlock hair-do ideas. But NOT those rave-girl pigtails. NO. Not for me. 

And, onto the clothing! Nothing special today. Thrifted:

  • Green pencil skirt $7
  • My most favorite white-ish (pink-ish) square-necked t-shirt $2
  • Sweet pink/charcoal western style shirt with pearly snaps $4
  • BEAUTIFUL pastel embroidered black cardigan $5
  • Frye boots $10
  • Black studded belt $2
  • Pink sequin clip-ons $1

Not thrifted:

  • White lace tights. Yes, the same ones I wore yesterday. Convenient that way. $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Umm, my come hither pose? Dear me. SORRY.
  • Oh, bellyhiparea. Yeah. This is sort of not working for me in that department. I think I needed a longer second layer and then I could belt it. When I belted this shirt it made everything fall to the same point and that is a layering DON'T. 
  • Also, still a little too chillywilly to be wearing this kind of springtime get-up.
Total outfit cost: $36

P.S. Are you in a rut? Maybe the kind citizens of Cardiganza can help! Tell me your rut woes.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mrs. Grown-Up Ladytimes

I think I look like a Mrs. Something today. Like a neighbor lady. Or a high school principal. I've actually never called myself Mrs. anything, except in silliness (Like, I refer to Sir C and myself as Mr. and Mrs. Andiron around our inn - the inn is "The Andiron"). In real life, though, it's just not my scene. Occasionally people address things to me as Mrs. [Husband's Last Name] and it cracks me up. Who's that? It never once occurred to me to change my name. I have no idea why anyone would. But whatevs. To each his own.

I kind of dig this grown-up get-up today. How about you? 


  • Taupes/browns/ivory cardigan $4
  • Polyester buttoned shirt $4
  • Man's striped tie I'm using as a belt (browns, white, olive, gold) $1
  • Laredo wrap around brown polyester skirt $4
  • Mess-o-pearls $5
  • Pearl clip-ons $1
  • Vintage ivory low-heeled maryjanes $2
Not thrifted:
  • Ivory/white lace tights $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I don't know! I got compliments today. That's nice.
  • Awfully matchy-matchy and monotone. But maybe that's cool once in awhile.
  • I've always felt that skirts like this make me look gigantical. But, I felt okay today.
Total outfit cost: $26

P.S. I added my late father's gold cross to the mess-o-pearls today. Even though I'm an atheist, it reminds me of my dear dad plus I think it's just so very pretty. See?

P.P.S. I've declared May to be "my life in dreadlocks" to force myself to try some new dreadlock hair-dos. Today I wound all my hairs up around my head and am calling this "soft-serve swirl" cuz I wound it kind of like how the soft serve goes round and round into a cone. It's quite conservative for me, but I dig it anyway. Oh, I know, it may not be noticeably different to you, but trust me, it's a little flatter, a little tidier than my usual up-do.

Soft-serve swirl dreadlock hair-do

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrift treasure. But only to me.

I am wearing one of my all-time favorite kind of things: the homemade polyester suit. Well, part of a suit - the shirt and jacket. I'll bet there's a pair of pin-striped polyester pants out there missing its mates. And, get this, I walked into the thrift store and immediately saw the top - bandanna-ish print polyester? Yeah, like I'm gonna pass that up! 15 minutes later, on the other side of the store, I catch a glimpse of a pin-striped jacket and pull it out. It wasn't until I got to the register that I realized I'd scored a pair. Lucky, lucky me.

Oh, I know most people hate polyester - including my style mentor Alice. But I love it so, especially when it was made my someone at home in 1973. And this one is a real find. Very well made. The sewing is pretty on the inside where it doesn't even matter. Metal buttons. Red detail thread on the blue-white parts. Crisp and snappy. Where oh whereever did the previous owner wear it? A church picnic? On a cruise? Hmmm.


  • Aforementioned shirt and jacket set $7
  • Black full swingy skirt $4
  • Black velvet danglies $1
Not thrifted:
  • Rocket Dog black suede maryjane wedges with a sweet bow $0 onaccountof age
  • Old white headband $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I dunno, I think it wants a straight skirt. Or black pedal pushers. 
  • You can't tell in the photo but the shirt was a tad tight in the lady division. Hence, I had what I believe they call a "uniboob." I hate that phrase almost as much as I hate having one. I like the ladies separated. So they don't quarrel with each other.
Total outfit cost: $12. TWELVE DOLLARS SHITFUCKDAMN. I AM THE WORLD'S CHEAPEST SHOPPER. Well. Actually, I had a rushed morning and forgot to put on any other accessories. And it helped that the polyester outfit had it's own belt. So that. STILL.

P.S. Sir C is at the inn this week. Leaving me on my own. I am a little bit lonelytimes. Come over!

How to re-ravel (and then some)

So, remember that time I unraveled? I have re-raveled and then some. It's hard for me to remember mid-unravel that I will bounce back like crazy. But, I do. It's not magical, though. I wish! I only bounce back if I actually deal with shit. 

In this case:

  • I fixed my phone - the one I completely fucked up with superglue. I went to four different places to try and get it fixed and finally I had to go to Bayfair Mall in San Leandro to a kiosk where there's a guy who can fix things. For cash only, no credit cards. If it sounds sketch, that's because it is. But $70 later, my phone works. Which is much better than buying a new phone, yes?
  • I made peace with my eyeglass situation. What eyeglass situation you ask? Well, I don't think I told you this because it was too embarrassing, even for me! You see, I also fucked up my brand new darling eyeglasses. The arm broke and I decided to fix it. WITH SUPERGLUE. Do you see where this is going? The superglue worked fine, but I got a little glue on the frame and decided to clean it off with nail polish remover. Do you know what nail polish remover does to plastic eyeglass frames? It melts them. Yeah. It does. Did you know that? Does everyone know that?

    So, yeah, I melted my glasses, the ones I had just paid lots of money for. And then *I* melted. And...after much sturm and drang about how I can't have nice things and how I am a stupid fucking idiot, I molded them back into shape and painted them to look fine. Not the perfect darling glasses I once had, but fine. I have worn them since I fixed them, here, here, and here. You can't tell in my shitty photos (but you can IRL). The goddamn truth is that I eventually would have broken them in some way because I break and/or lose everything, but I just did it a lot quicker than usual.

It's all just stuff. But wrecking two expensive things in the span of a week was a little much. And, in both cases, I wrecked them because I am careless and because I then think I can fix my own carelessness myself because I can do anything, you know? Ha ha ha ha ha, oh life, you slay me. I would like to say lesson learned but that would be a lie. I would also like to say "Superglue, I'm thru with you!" but that would be a lie too. You'd think, but, nooooo. 

Fixing the shit I effed up is part of the re-raveling but the other part is, simply and truly, checking things off the list. As in, working. Getting shit done, mostly for work but also for life. Last night I put away all my clothes and accessories and jewelry and made outfits. Went for a run. And, I've been eating so dang healthy. 

In other words, I have been behaving like a grown-up. Who knew? Turns out, the only cure I know for the blues is to do what you gotta do. I imagine that doesn't always work, and I sure know lots of folks who work hard and still have it rough, but working through my crap does the trick for me. So far. Phew.

Oh, hey, did you come here for the thrifted clothings? Yeah, I still do that. And, right now, I'm focused on wearing things that I haven't worn before. No point in keeping stuff that I don't know how to wear.


  • Jansen angora mossy green cardigan $4
  • Tee Fury tan t-shirt with lizard illustration $3
  • Blue, brown, white floral skirt $4
  • Beat-up brown cowboy boots $10
  • Bangles $3
  • Key necklace (I put keys on a chain, that is all) $2
  • Brown belt $2
  • Blue plastic clip-ons $1
Not thrifted:
  • Anthropologie wide-knit tights $15
  • ModCloth NonPareils white with brown dots top $38 (this was before I started thrifting - one of the first things I post-weight-loss bought)
  • Old red headband $0

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:

  • The cardigan is quite sweet but I didn't get the styling down on it and futzed with it all day. The length was maybe not right - or, I might have removed the belt and buttoned the bottom cardi button. Not sure. 
  • I gotta say - the tights made the outfit. Much more interesting than no tights or plain tights.
  • Also, Red! I popped that color and maybe should have just done one bangle or the headband and not both. But I love a popped color. I do.

Total outfit cost: $82 (GAH!)

P.S. Are you wondering what is going on with that masthead? Me too! Stay tuned for changes. Yeek, I definitely cannot stand looking at my mug all month. Okay. Now changed. I'm planning on some Brand New Dreadlock Hairdos this month. Hence the name and focus. Yep, it is indeed THAT exciting 'round the head area up there.