Monday, April 30, 2012

Tickets please!

Oh, la. I look like the ticket guy at an old-timey movie theater. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing though. I was really just trying to wear one of my clip-on bow ties. 


  • Red clip-on boy's bow tie $1
  • Arrow gold work shirt $3
  • Short black cardigan $4
  • Gold studded belt $2
  • Cabi grayish skirt $4
  • Frye boots $10
  • Red clip-ons $1
Not thrifted:
  • Target tights $5
  • Knee socks $0
  • Headband $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Add a fez, maybe?
  • Just kidding!
  • Or, maybe not just kidding. I mean, if I'm gonna go all costume-y, maybe I should just *actually* wear a costume.
  • I love these colors - gold, gray, black, red. Love.
Total outfit cost: $30

P.S. Remember that time I wrote about weight? Yeah, that was fun. Umm, many people read it! Thank you! And I received quite a few emails (you guys, srsly, you should comment! Bloggers really dig comments!). The email messages fell into two camps:
  • "You go girl! Way to tell the world that you can be beautiful at any size." While I totes agree with that sentiment, it wasn't what I was saying which just proved to me (yet again) that talking about weight is weird. And that maybe I shouldn't write a rant-y thing at midnight. 
  • The other camp was basically saying, "Oh my, I have NO IDEA what I should weigh. Halp!" You know, I really don't know what anyone else should weigh. I know only for me...and in addition to looking at the BMI, this is how I got there:
    • Taking a picture every day is helping me see not just what looks good on my figure but also at what weight my figure looks best - I can see it in my face and my belly most when I gain a little.
    • I originally set my goal weight too low - as in, what I weighed at my very lowest in my adult life, when I was 22 years old, eating almost nothing, working out every day (jazzercise!), working three jobs, and in school. That's crazy for me to even consider. My new goal is about 25 pounds above that - and I set that after reading quite a bit about what I would need to do to maintain that much weight loss as well as the effects of age etc.
    • I also got reacquainted with my shape. I have a curvy, hourglass type shape and my weight is fairly well proportioned on my body. That's the figure that *I* am supposed to have. Yours is probably different. For example, I have a friend who has gorgeous perfect slender legs (FUCK HER) (JUST KIDDING), but she carries all her weight in her middle. She is my height, and weighs quite a bit less than me, but is dieting and exercising focused mostly on her middle because she feels out of whack, proportion-wise. Similarly, many people have told me that when they lose weight, their ladies are the first to go. Not so with me! So, I'm gonna carry some extra weight there no matter what. And, the fact that I don't lose lady-weight is my body's way of telling me what's supposed to be there vs what isn't. 
    • I trust the way I feel, deep down in my squishy insides. Now, to be clear, I have almost always felt healthy and energetic so that's not what I'm talking about (although that is a good indicator for others). No, for me, the way I feel is about comfort in my skin. When I was heavier, I felt like an overstuffed chair. Too big for the room. That sounds kooky, I know, but it is how I felt. I was constantly trying to make myself feel smaller because I just felt too big. Weird, right?
    • Hey, check it! My P.S. is now way longer than my post. 
    • Is this at all helpful?
Thanks again for reading and, umm, yeah, to be continued. Ad nauseum. 


  1. Love the teeny blog post, love the long P.S., love it all. You are in a category (of awesomeness) all by yourself. You just keep on doing what you do!

    1. Well, I'll buy the category-all-my-own part at least...thanks!

  2. Do you ever not write a delightful blog post? The answer is no. I eat up your posts like they're cheese cubes, not without the calories. Love every bit of you and your writing.

    1. Do you ever not write a supportive comment? The answer is no! And back atcha!

  3. Funny that after I told you last week that I almost never talk honestly about weight in public because it is such a loaded subject, I foolishly posted my honest experience (been working out like a madman, eating very well and I'm heavier than I've ever been!) on FB and received an avalanche of well meaning, super nice, but HONESTLY un-mooched for compliments and exclamations that I don't need to lose weight.

    Like you, I know what I should weigh. I'm not nuts. I don't have body dysmorphia. I am supposed to be a size X. When I am a size X+1 I have a muffin top, poochy tummy and dimpled thighs (yes, minor compared to most people but still) and I can't fit into half of my clothes. Yet, the BMI will say I've moved from "underweight" to "normal weight". I'm not healthier at the X+1 weight, I don't look better and I don't feel happy. ** OK, now did you see how I didn't admit to my dress size? See, these taboos are hard to shake!

  4. Sue and Kate! Stop being so nice! By that I mean, DON'T stop being so nice.

    Mrs. Spouse, I actually think not saying the number is the point. It's distracting and not the point. It derails conversations because it's another "whoa that's really small you shouldn't lose weight bla blah blah."

    Also, if you aren't losing weight but are tightening up your goods to do the bikini thing, cool. If not, I have a suggestion for you that will work. But I don't like to get or give unsolicited advice. Lemme know when/if you want to try something different.

  5. I need to tighten up my goods but I also need to shed a few lbs. Like minimum 5, maximum 10. So far nuthin (although presumably there is goods tightening, that's much harder to quantify). I'd be interested to hear any ideas! Although, I know myself well enough to know there are some things I just won't do.