Friday, April 6, 2012

My life in spectacles

I have needed new glasses for about four years. On the very rare occasion (umm, always) when I'm watching television and doing something else like knitting or whathaveye, I wedge my eyeglasses on my forehead so I can look up and watch. Etc. Etc. Etc.

So I finally got new specs. Progressive lenses, which are kind of fucking with me (but it's only the first day). The frames are "Chrystie" by Elizabeth and James. Apparently, this is MaryKate and Ashley Olsen's brand. Who knew?

I'm not sure if I like them as my only frames, but I got a really good deal. And I'm looking for some inexpensive smaller/tortoisey shell frames too.

I couldn't seem to get a photo without glare, but you get the idea. TIMES THREE!


  1. Thank you Anon! I think I'm also gonna get some less dramatic specs too.

  2. It took you four years to get those new glasses of yours? That's kinda long. Leaving that aside, I agree with anon that they really do look cute on you. :D