Monday, April 23, 2012

My life in layers

When I was heavier, I hated layers. I thought I just looked thick and thicker with every layer. This may or may not have been bullshit, of course. Now, I dig me some layers. I feel like they add complexity and interest to a get-up, and a well-layered outfit is a lot of fun to put together and usually quite a thing of beauty. 

  • Brown polyester man blazer $4
  • Dusty floral western style shirt $4
  • Ivory t-shirt $2
  • Floraly fake leather belt with rhinestone buckle $2
  • Brown rhinestone clip-ons $1
  • Bangles! Lots of 'em! $5

Not thrifted:
  • Floor length blue skirt with slits up the sides (a holdover from the old days - I think I've owned this for a decade!) $0
  • Gladiator-ish lace-up platform sandals on sale at Anthropologie  $29
  • Gifted carved balsa wood necklace $0
  • Old brown rhinestone necklace $0
  • Old blue headband $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I think the shirt popped quite a bit more in real life, and nearly matched the brightness of the bangles - otherwise, I'd think it was *too* washed out.
  • I don't know about a long skirt! I don't know!
  • I never like my toes to show. Never. So that's kind of blechy.
  • But, still, I like this get-up. I do.
Total outfit cost $47

P.S. Nearly 100% re-ravelled. Thank you for asking!


  1. Lady C, even when unravelling, you're one of the most ravelled people I know. I heart your many layers.