Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am now that kooky lady with funky glasses

You know who I'm talking about, yes? The lady with the Zany Glasses. And bright clothes. I think, maybe, the kind that wears purple. Dear gawd, I have become her. I don't know what I think about that. I mean, here I am a grown up person of a certain age but (like everyone) I still think I'm 28 and am always shocked when I look in the mirror and there I am. I can't get younger, so I appear to just be getting weirder. I guess that's okay. But I don't know. Really, I don't. 

  • Homemade polyester shirt/jacket thing with vaguely asian scenes on it (close-up below) $4
  • Black t-shirt $2
  • Orangeish/tan fake leather belt $2
  • Green pencil skirt $7
  • Orangeish/tan cowboy boots $10
  • Greenish/yellowish double strand of costume beads $4
  • Black danglies $2
  • Sheer goldish headscarf $1

Not thrifted:
  • Black fishnets with flowers down the sides $5

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • This polyester shirt jacket thingy has been hanging on the challenge rack for a looonnng time. I can't resist weird shit like this. Stuff no one else has (or, ummm, wants.). But, it's pretty shapeless and does me no favors. If it had pockets, I could wear it to my artist colony in 1965 though.
  • I feel like my New Glasses are another (expensive) accessory. I took photos without but I looked unfinished. 
  • I like that my bangs match my belt and shoes.
  • Seriously. I am one odd bird. 

Total outfit cost: $37

P.S. I was gone! On vacation! I forgot to tell you in advance. I am back now.  Sir Cardigan and I took a niece-like teenager to New York City where we ate like royalty. PRETZEL MILKSHAKE, I CANNOT QUIT YE.

P.P.S. Close-ups of the fabric. See how great it is? Also, it has lounging deer! 


  1. Oh, I love the colors and pattern on the home made shirt/jacket thing. Maybe it can be altered into something you love? Agree that the glasses are now a defacto accessory- you look wonderful in this one Mad.

  2. Also, I must say that I find it disappointing that your comments discriminate against robots. Surely there are robots who are into thrift & fashion and they must be so lonely and sad when they try to connect with you...

  3. Toasters forever! I love me some robots!

    HGM, I'm def gonna keep it. I think it's cool. I added a close-up of the fabric to the post since you commented, btw.

    Not sure if I'll alter it (but that's only cuz my mending/altering sewing pile is up to my ears, literally). TY!

  4. You don't get kookier (OK, maybe . . .), you just get better. Honestly, I just plain love looking at you. You're like evolving art. And if any of this sounds weird, it's 'cause I'm tired and rather brainless. But anyway, back to you. Awesome.