Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The angels want to wear my red shoes

I missed seeing my boyfriend Elvis Costello in town this week. Work and life conspired against us. Boo. Also, nothing could touch last year's show so maybe I would have just been disappointed if I didn't get to dance in a cage on stage with him again.

In other news, I wore clothes again today! And, I am posting two photos for you. Can you spot the difference?

Before I got these new glasses, I almost always took my old specs off for the daily photo cuz I mostly hated 'em. It was fairly truthful, though, because I spent more and more time not wearing them unless I was driving or seeing faraway things. Now I have Accessory Spectacles! Which are also progressive lenses so I can see closeup and faraway with the same glasses. Who knew? Annnnnyway. They don't actually go with everything so I fear I will need to procure another less dramatic pair sometime soon. Yes?

  • Pale blue scarf headband $1
  • Brown short cardigan $7
  • Brown, gold, rhinestone belt $2
  • Beloved golden Odille skirt $5
  • Bangles (close-up below) $4
  • Brown rhinestone earrings $1
  • Sparkly necklaces $5
Not thrifted:
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Maybe a little matchy-matchy?
  • Don't laugh! More costume jewelry! I KNOW! I am not a gal that does things in moderation. Sigh.
  • Get this: I bought these shoes in 2007 on super sale at Zappos and have NEVER WORN THEM. What? In all my throwing out of things, I kept on keeping these cuz they were just too darling. But I didn't wear them because, hi-lariously, they seemed Too Much. Like they were neon signs on my feets. I don't think that quite shows up in the above; click right here for another photo of these cutie-pies.
  • I love a bunch of old beat-up bangles, one of which is from HGM's mom. So pretty. See?
Total outfit cost: $48

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