Monday, April 30, 2012

Tickets please!

Oh, la. I look like the ticket guy at an old-timey movie theater. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing though. I was really just trying to wear one of my clip-on bow ties. 


  • Red clip-on boy's bow tie $1
  • Arrow gold work shirt $3
  • Short black cardigan $4
  • Gold studded belt $2
  • Cabi grayish skirt $4
  • Frye boots $10
  • Red clip-ons $1
Not thrifted:
  • Target tights $5
  • Knee socks $0
  • Headband $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Add a fez, maybe?
  • Just kidding!
  • Or, maybe not just kidding. I mean, if I'm gonna go all costume-y, maybe I should just *actually* wear a costume.
  • I love these colors - gold, gray, black, red. Love.
Total outfit cost: $30

P.S. Remember that time I wrote about weight? Yeah, that was fun. Umm, many people read it! Thank you! And I received quite a few emails (you guys, srsly, you should comment! Bloggers really dig comments!). The email messages fell into two camps:
  • "You go girl! Way to tell the world that you can be beautiful at any size." While I totes agree with that sentiment, it wasn't what I was saying which just proved to me (yet again) that talking about weight is weird. And that maybe I shouldn't write a rant-y thing at midnight. 
  • The other camp was basically saying, "Oh my, I have NO IDEA what I should weigh. Halp!" You know, I really don't know what anyone else should weigh. I know only for me...and in addition to looking at the BMI, this is how I got there:
    • Taking a picture every day is helping me see not just what looks good on my figure but also at what weight my figure looks best - I can see it in my face and my belly most when I gain a little.
    • I originally set my goal weight too low - as in, what I weighed at my very lowest in my adult life, when I was 22 years old, eating almost nothing, working out every day (jazzercise!), working three jobs, and in school. That's crazy for me to even consider. My new goal is about 25 pounds above that - and I set that after reading quite a bit about what I would need to do to maintain that much weight loss as well as the effects of age etc.
    • I also got reacquainted with my shape. I have a curvy, hourglass type shape and my weight is fairly well proportioned on my body. That's the figure that *I* am supposed to have. Yours is probably different. For example, I have a friend who has gorgeous perfect slender legs (FUCK HER) (JUST KIDDING), but she carries all her weight in her middle. She is my height, and weighs quite a bit less than me, but is dieting and exercising focused mostly on her middle because she feels out of whack, proportion-wise. Similarly, many people have told me that when they lose weight, their ladies are the first to go. Not so with me! So, I'm gonna carry some extra weight there no matter what. And, the fact that I don't lose lady-weight is my body's way of telling me what's supposed to be there vs what isn't. 
    • I trust the way I feel, deep down in my squishy insides. Now, to be clear, I have almost always felt healthy and energetic so that's not what I'm talking about (although that is a good indicator for others). No, for me, the way I feel is about comfort in my skin. When I was heavier, I felt like an overstuffed chair. Too big for the room. That sounds kooky, I know, but it is how I felt. I was constantly trying to make myself feel smaller because I just felt too big. Weird, right?
    • Hey, check it! My P.S. is now way longer than my post. 
    • Is this at all helpful?
Thanks again for reading and, umm, yeah, to be continued. Ad nauseum. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Frankenoutfit

Hey! This is what people do late on Fridays with their cheapass photo editing software! Check it out! I optimistically called it "version 1" because I thought I would make other versions. But then I got bored. 

Still, cool.

Umm, get it? I put four days outfits into one photy-graph. It took one minute. And now I can say "this is what I wore this week." It is.

Carry on friends. That's all I got.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This weight is my weight, your weight is your weight

Ladies and the couple of gentlemen who surprisingly read this here blawg, I have Some Things to say! (If you are just here to see what sort of cockamamie get-up I have on today, feel free to skip the talky-talky-talk and scroll it on down.)

So! My friend Allison and I saw the Gaultier exhibit the other day (it was quite wonderful - in part because we went on a weekday afternoon when no one else was there and the exhibit itself was presented in a wholly satisfactory way - even if some of the clothes were sillytimesmcgee). We then proceeded to drink some wine and eat some oysters and discuss many important and deep things. AKA, clothes - style - weight - age - etc - etc - so-on - so-forth.* It kinda went like this...

As you know, weight is weird. My obsession with it, the world's obsession with it, our fucked-up perspectives on it, love-your body, wait, no, hate-your-body, etc. And, actually, weight IS weird. I mean, actual weight. What I weigh, what you weigh, and how we measure ourselves against each other. We're just not supposed to do that. My weight is only mine. I wear it differently on my body than you would on yours. To say the least!

Let's say you feel and look your best at 130 pounds. Mazel tov! But, dudes, if I weighed 130 pounds, I would have to have no hips, breasts, behind, or dreadlocks (haha, that's where I carry my weight). In other words, I would have to be an entirely different person. Similarly, a gorgeous friend of mine who has never dieted a day in her life recently shared with me that she weighed 200 pounds, even, and has for about ten years. She rarely tells people her weight, though (I mean, fuck, who does) because the minute it comes out of her mouth she puts herself into a category that isn't remotely applicable. She is healthy, fit, and beautiful. She definitely doesn't look "fat" by anyone's measure and I'm not just saying that.  But, 200 pounds on me? Fat. Not just because I'm a couple inches shorter than her either. It's just not what my body wants to be. 

That's why all this BMI (the body-mass-index scale that tells if you're obese, overweight, or normal) stuff is semi-malarkey. I say "semi" because it is most definitely not entirely malarkey, at all. It's a good general guideline and can tell you some important stuff - and it's probably right on for some people. But it isn't the fucking law. There are all kinds of ways to measure if you're weighing what your body oughta weigh and if you're healthy. All. Kinds. Of. Ways. 

The problem is that we're not all that good at being in touch with the ways that make sense to our very unique selves, and to what our own body wants and ought to be. There are just waaaaaayyyy too many other mostly totally irrelevant messages trying to tell us what to think. I'm not only/really talking about the huge media influence. At a certain age, you gotta get over that shit. I'm actually talking more about the stuff where our brain convinces us that "if my friend weighs x, then I should weigh x because we are sort of the same age and height." It happens when you see a photo of yourself in a group and you are bigger than the person next to you and somehow that means you are *too* big. It happens when a friend says, "I'm losing weight." Your brain goes bananas! As in, "if my skinny (to me) friend is losing weight, than I am fatter than Jabba the Hut!" 

Speaking of which, my "skinny" friend IS losing weight. That's why this all came up. Allison is trying to lose a little weight right now in order to wear a bikini for an upcoming great big birthday. Anyone would look at her and think she has a lovely, slender figure and shouldn't lose an ounce.  But the thing is, she says she *has* gained weight over the years. Not much, and not enough for anyone to notice...except, she notices. She knows her body. She has always been, as she puts it, "freakishly small." A bird. So, she notices ten pounds and it doesn't feel right on her. 

Her husband, on the other hand, has been trying to lose 20 pounds for as long as I've known him. He's a big guy. Not a euphemism kind of "big guy," an actual big guy. Tall. Broad-shouldered. Y'know. And, as Allison asks when he talks about losing 20 pounds, "from where??" She is no shrinking violet when it comes to being honest, and if she can't see where he needs to lose it, chances are good she's right.  

There's another side to this that is just as silly, and probably equally harmful, as listening way too much to the outside voices about what you ought to weigh. That would be...not listening at all, not even to what you, yourself, know is true. In the quite understandable effort to shut out all the crap negativity, it can get translated into some serious denial, as in, "the media is ridiculous! I am fine! I am beautiful no matter what I weigh." Hey, part of that is certainly true! But, c'mon, most bodies don't want to be obese, just as most bodies don't want to be underweight. Most of us belong somewhere in the vast middle of all that. I have no idea what you should weigh. But I'll bet you do.

Me, well, I *know* where I fit. I know where my body wants to be. I even know where I'm healthiest. But I only know this because I've spent the past year and a half paying embarrassingly narcissistic obsessive attention to my body. It's gross. And tiresome. And boring, even to me. But, now I know. 

At my lowest, I was within ten pounds of my goal weight. After a couple of splurgey months, I'm a little further away from it and am now working my way slowly back to my lowest. I'm hoping to actually hit goal sometime this year. But even when I do, according to the BMI, I will still be overweight. I will still be bigger than my friend Allison when we take a photo together. Bigger. That is all, my friends. Not better, not uglier, not prettier, not fucking anything. Just bigger, because that is what I am. Whatever! I'll know that I'm where I, me, myself, ought to be. That's enough for me. Fuck, that's goddamnawesome for me.

The End!

Wait. NOT quite the end. The other part of this is the part that I've been working on all year. The working-what-you've-got part.  It is horrifyingly embarrassing to me but nonetheless true that that is exactly what this here blawg is all about. In that vein...

  • Beige cross-hatch cardigan $4
  • Olive/red/black/white Amsterdam t-shirt $2
  • Sheer black fullish skirt $5
  • Peace belt $2
  • Frye boots $10
  • Silver danglies $1
  • Necklace full of keys I found $2
  • Sheer white scarf/headband $1
Not thrifted:
  • Olive tights $5
  • Wife-beater undershirt $2
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Not an outfit. It's just clothes.
  • I can't figure out how to wear colored tights. I always feel like "hey here are my giant calves, I've highlighted them for your convenience!"

Total outfit cost: $34

*Y'all, I have become more frivolous and shallow with each passing day. Not long ago, I was reading some papers I had written in grad school (one of which was published in some difficult to pronounce journal), and I had no fucking idea what I was talking about. I was so freaking serious in my 20s. I barely drank! I only thought serious things! Such a bore. My how times have changed. Not exactly sure if I mean "for the good" or not. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still 80s, preppy version

I was kind of going for Ally Sheedy in St. Elmo's Fire here. Subconsciously. And, well, maybe you've noticed, I look nothing like Ally Sheedy. So, that's a little bit of a stretch.

But, y'know, pearls. Sweater. Navy. Camelhair. Etc. Etc. 


  • Man's blue/teal/black plaid camelhair blazer $8
  • Red cashmere sleeveless sweater (I'm wearing it as a vest) $4
  • Pencil camel-colored skirt $4
  • Pearls $3
  • Gold charm bracelets $8
  • Pearl and gold clip-ons $2
  • Vibram army boots $24
  • Black and gold belt $2
  • Camel scarf headband $1
Not thrifted:
  • Old western style button up shirt with blues/greens/white floral pattern, old, $0
  • Lacy black tights $5

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:

  • I am too old and Too Near The Change to wear this many clothes all at once. It was motherfucking hot. I kept my window open wide in the office even though it was a bit nippy.
  • Still and all I cannot deny that I felt like I was completely clothed all day. As in, this outfit is complete. Nothing to add. Nothing to take away. I was pleased.
  • Of course, I immediately filed this get-up into my "conservative" outfit file. For when I need to dress more conservatively for work or whathaveyou. I realize that this is a rather silly distinction since I am rather incapable of ever looking conservative. 
Total outfit cost: $61

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I can't help my 80s-ish-ness

Is this how it is for everyone? You just gravitate towards your era over and over? I can't help it. I will always think studded belts and rhinestones and fishnets and silver and plaid and chains and black and rocknroll and boots and leopard are the best combination of all time. It is my uniform gone fancy! Which is appropriate since my friend Allison and I will see the Gaultier exhibit at the DeYoung later today. I thought about wearing seriously high heels but my desire to walk happily all day and at the museum won. 


  • Black studded clingy cardigan $4
  • Green plaid pencil skirt (no tag, I think it's homemade) $5
  • Frye engineer boots $10
  • Bangles and rhinestones $3
  • Many rhinestoney necklaces (SEE BELOW!!) $5
  • Dangly black earrings $1
Not thrifted:
  • Fishnets, old, $0
  • Elvis Costello t-shirt $30
  • Black studded belt, old, $0
  • My mom's leopard bow, $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Nothing!
  • Well, maybe I'd add some lace gloves.
  • Kidding.
  • Maybe not kidding.
  • Don't laugh, but for me...this just feels like a regular old outfit. AKA, NOT an outfit. Just "I put on a t-shirt and skirt" type thing.
Total outfit cost $58

P.S. I got hives today, for the second time. Today (like the first time, in December), it came on very suddenly and very hot and needle-y. I have no idea what I'm allergic to, but it's something. My co-worker said she used to get hives every day. That would be a bummer.

P.P.S. Here are all my necklaces:

Monday, April 23, 2012

My life in layers

When I was heavier, I hated layers. I thought I just looked thick and thicker with every layer. This may or may not have been bullshit, of course. Now, I dig me some layers. I feel like they add complexity and interest to a get-up, and a well-layered outfit is a lot of fun to put together and usually quite a thing of beauty. 

  • Brown polyester man blazer $4
  • Dusty floral western style shirt $4
  • Ivory t-shirt $2
  • Floraly fake leather belt with rhinestone buckle $2
  • Brown rhinestone clip-ons $1
  • Bangles! Lots of 'em! $5

Not thrifted:
  • Floor length blue skirt with slits up the sides (a holdover from the old days - I think I've owned this for a decade!) $0
  • Gladiator-ish lace-up platform sandals on sale at Anthropologie  $29
  • Gifted carved balsa wood necklace $0
  • Old brown rhinestone necklace $0
  • Old blue headband $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I think the shirt popped quite a bit more in real life, and nearly matched the brightness of the bangles - otherwise, I'd think it was *too* washed out.
  • I don't know about a long skirt! I don't know!
  • I never like my toes to show. Never. So that's kind of blechy.
  • But, still, I like this get-up. I do.
Total outfit cost $47

P.S. Nearly 100% re-ravelled. Thank you for asking!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

raveling, sort of

I can't say that I'm exactly raveling yet, but I'm less un-ravelly than last week. I think I achieved maximum unravelocity about midnight on Saturday night with a less-than-attractive episode of desperately needing a good night's sleep induced stupid paranoia. So, there's nowhere to go but up, right?

See, I didn't sleep on Friday night because I couldn't sleep. I was obsessing over my series of unfortunate dumb mistakes and I - literally - stood in my kitchen for 45 minutes, paralyzed, and wept. Oh, it's not that big of a deal. I weep occasionally. It's my special talent. Sir C used to say that if I didn't cry, it (whatever I was working on) wasn't done. So, I guess that means that I'm done unraveling.

And actually, I am. I woke up relatively sunny today. All the crap that had been bothering me was back in perspective. I mean, I am still kicking myself over things but not kicking myself down so damn much. My friend Sue had advised me to hit the "pause" button which at first I thought, oh no - pausing is the LAST thing I need to do. Which, for me, is true. But, actually...I needed to pause briefly at times. In the moment. Because, frankly, I react too quickly. I act too quickly. And that's how I got myself into situations in which I broke my phone and fucked up a few other things and subsequently unraveled. So, I'm trying to not move so quickly and thoughtlessly that I make mistakes which get me down. Etc. 

Anyyyyyyway. I got organized this afternoon. Work, home, outfits (hey, I'm easy - having outfits picked out helps me feel settled). Ate well, mostly. And have been working for a couple hours on a big work-related thing which - when done - will certainly make sure I sleep well and wake up ready for a very busy week. 

And thus ends, I HOPE, the Great Unraveling of 2012. So, how about we have a sunday night silly photo? Yes? Okay! Here I am at my WORK party showing off my Spanx. CLASSY. You're welcome.

That's my fun friend Kelly on the left. She gave me the tiara. And on the right, MY THIGHS. And a beer! Pretty. So, so pretty.

P.S. Let us note! I am not someone who likes, ever, ever, also, ever, to admit any kind of weakness. I think it's lame. I do. So, this here's weird. That's all.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have kind of slowly been unraveling for the past few weeks. So much so that I had to give myself a stern talking to and pep talk on my thursday night drive tonight (up to the inn).

Here's what unraveling looks like on me:

  • I fucked up my phone with superglue. Because I am a fucking idiot. And now I can't seem to get it fixed, and will probably have to get a new phone (my phone is just two months old). Blarg. Meanwhile, no phone. That's reallllly convenient.
  • One thing after conference! Vacation! Sick! I feel like I lost a month, and kept putting things off until after this or that. So, now, behind...
  • ...Annnnnd, of course, I have big projects that I haven't made any headway on because I have been too busy procrastinating...
  • ...Annnnnd, also, I just can't really focus - at work, at the inn, anything. And that means that I'm just not getting anything done. Which is the worst for me since I'm an achievement whore.
  • I'm eating like a stupid person. A really gluttonous stupid person. Yeek.
  • My sewing machine is broken and my pile of mending looms large.
  • My trailer at the inn is messy, disorganized, and so ugly. It's a little demoralizing.
  • My car is running rough and probably needs some work done.
  • All of this combined makes me feel kind of out of control, and definitely Not My Best Self (in any way).
I know. None of this is a big deal, and I have it all so much better than most. I know. I just need to get a grip. I spent my ride to the inn tonight making my lists (in my head since I couldn't record 'em on my phone). I use that chart for prioritizing - the one that id's tasks as urgent/big impact, urgent/not big impact,  not urgent/big impact, or not urgent/not big impact. The problem is that practically everything falls under urgent/big impact. So...I guess I'll have a busy day tomorrow.

The other half of my drive up was an out-loud pep talk. For realz. "Okay. You can in fact get over this hump. First you need to clean your workspace. Eat fucking healthy. Check a few things off the list tomorrow. Sleep. And you WILL wake up chipper. ETC AND DORKY SO ON."

Not helpful? The fact that I hated my outfit today. I just didn't feel right. Thrifted:
  • Frye engineer boots $10
  • Gold studded belt $2
  • Oscar di la Renta striped shirt $4
  • Clingy sweater $4
  • Variousy bangles/jewelry $5
Not thrifted:
  • Anthropologie beautiful skirt  with a scene of sky and trees on it $39
  • Target orangey tights $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • This skirt is so freaking gorgeous. But not on me. It's supremely unattractive on me.
  • What was I thinking with the orange tights? 
  • Dear gawd. Blahchopwquorioe.
Total outfit cost: $69. GEEZ.

P.S. I will be up and at 'em tomorrow. Promise.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The angels want to wear my red shoes

I missed seeing my boyfriend Elvis Costello in town this week. Work and life conspired against us. Boo. Also, nothing could touch last year's show so maybe I would have just been disappointed if I didn't get to dance in a cage on stage with him again.

In other news, I wore clothes again today! And, I am posting two photos for you. Can you spot the difference?

Before I got these new glasses, I almost always took my old specs off for the daily photo cuz I mostly hated 'em. It was fairly truthful, though, because I spent more and more time not wearing them unless I was driving or seeing faraway things. Now I have Accessory Spectacles! Which are also progressive lenses so I can see closeup and faraway with the same glasses. Who knew? Annnnnyway. They don't actually go with everything so I fear I will need to procure another less dramatic pair sometime soon. Yes?

  • Pale blue scarf headband $1
  • Brown short cardigan $7
  • Brown, gold, rhinestone belt $2
  • Beloved golden Odille skirt $5
  • Bangles (close-up below) $4
  • Brown rhinestone earrings $1
  • Sparkly necklaces $5
Not thrifted:
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Maybe a little matchy-matchy?
  • Don't laugh! More costume jewelry! I KNOW! I am not a gal that does things in moderation. Sigh.
  • Get this: I bought these shoes in 2007 on super sale at Zappos and have NEVER WORN THEM. What? In all my throwing out of things, I kept on keeping these cuz they were just too darling. But I didn't wear them because, hi-lariously, they seemed Too Much. Like they were neon signs on my feets. I don't think that quite shows up in the above; click right here for another photo of these cutie-pies.
  • I love a bunch of old beat-up bangles, one of which is from HGM's mom. So pretty. See?
Total outfit cost: $48

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am now that kooky lady with funky glasses

You know who I'm talking about, yes? The lady with the Zany Glasses. And bright clothes. I think, maybe, the kind that wears purple. Dear gawd, I have become her. I don't know what I think about that. I mean, here I am a grown up person of a certain age but (like everyone) I still think I'm 28 and am always shocked when I look in the mirror and there I am. I can't get younger, so I appear to just be getting weirder. I guess that's okay. But I don't know. Really, I don't. 

  • Homemade polyester shirt/jacket thing with vaguely asian scenes on it (close-up below) $4
  • Black t-shirt $2
  • Orangeish/tan fake leather belt $2
  • Green pencil skirt $7
  • Orangeish/tan cowboy boots $10
  • Greenish/yellowish double strand of costume beads $4
  • Black danglies $2
  • Sheer goldish headscarf $1

Not thrifted:
  • Black fishnets with flowers down the sides $5

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • This polyester shirt jacket thingy has been hanging on the challenge rack for a looonnng time. I can't resist weird shit like this. Stuff no one else has (or, ummm, wants.). But, it's pretty shapeless and does me no favors. If it had pockets, I could wear it to my artist colony in 1965 though.
  • I feel like my New Glasses are another (expensive) accessory. I took photos without but I looked unfinished. 
  • I like that my bangs match my belt and shoes.
  • Seriously. I am one odd bird. 

Total outfit cost: $37

P.S. I was gone! On vacation! I forgot to tell you in advance. I am back now.  Sir Cardigan and I took a niece-like teenager to New York City where we ate like royalty. PRETZEL MILKSHAKE, I CANNOT QUIT YE.

P.P.S. Close-ups of the fabric. See how great it is? Also, it has lounging deer! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

My life in spectacles

I have needed new glasses for about four years. On the very rare occasion (umm, always) when I'm watching television and doing something else like knitting or whathaveye, I wedge my eyeglasses on my forehead so I can look up and watch. Etc. Etc. Etc.

So I finally got new specs. Progressive lenses, which are kind of fucking with me (but it's only the first day). The frames are "Chrystie" by Elizabeth and James. Apparently, this is MaryKate and Ashley Olsen's brand. Who knew?

I'm not sure if I like them as my only frames, but I got a really good deal. And I'm looking for some inexpensive smaller/tortoisey shell frames too.

I couldn't seem to get a photo without glare, but you get the idea. TIMES THREE!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dressing for successing

I have a big ol' business conference in town this week so I'm dressing like a business person. Well, my version of a business person. This is what I'm going for:

Kay Thompson as Maggie Prescott, the fashion magazine editor in the movie Funny Face
Audrey Hepburn gets all the attention in this movie because, well, she's fucking breathtaking. But I love Kay Thompson. She's bossy and funny and striking and, because she plays a fashion editor, her clothes are stunning in every scene. Yeah, I know I'd need to grow about two feet and shave off another 50 pounds to come close.

This is my version, over there on the right. Thrifted:
  • Worthington black/white tweedy pencil skirt $4
  • Black knit shirt $4
  • Salmon/pink/reddish jacket $9
  • No Boundaries black patent leather low platform pumps/ankle straps $7
  • Three gold charm bracelets $10
  • Mess-o-pearls $5
  • Pearl/gold clip-ons $2
Not thrifted:
  • My mother's velvet leopard bow $0 (I never ever saw my mother wear this - but I found it after she passed away in one of her many stashes. Darling.)
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I would have liked to wear a snazzier/higher heel but I'm gonna be on my feet til late tonight and these will have to do.
  • I got a lot of compliments today. I think it's that salmon-y color. Ain't nothing wrong with compliments!
Total outfit cost: $41

Monday, April 2, 2012

My dogs are barking

It's late and a whirlwind of work and inn-related crap threatened to squash this post, but my Commitment to This Here Blawg prevailed!

My dogs are barking, for damn good reason: 5-inch platforms! But, worth it! I love love love being aggressively tall. 

  • Lined linen khaki skirt with brown stitching and brown grosgrain ribbon belt $5
  • Red/pink checked and ruffled Faded Glory blouse $9
  • Rad denim and fake cork 5 inch platforms $7 (I didn't even fall off my shoes once!)
  • White t-shirt $2
  • Western-style belt with gold buckle $2
  • Blue clip-ons $2
  • Sheer scarf headband $1
Not thrifted: Nothing!

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I love a short cardigan, and I love this short doesn't quite hang right here.
  • I forgot all my jewelry but my super sweet earrings. Bah.
  • I was supposed to pair this with yellow scotch plaid long (ankle-length!) skirt but I just couldn't pull it off. Hmmm, it was just too much. 
  • Still, I like this kind of outfit! I do!
Total outfit cost: $28