Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday night blues, scratch that, Sunday night sunshine (!) round-up

I have a thing about Sunday nights. My friend Amy always called 'em the "Sunday Night Blues." You know, when the crush of the week ahead tumbles over you along with dread and/or anticipation. Usually, it's not dread for me...just shifting worlds from the inn to the bizness (as if there is actually any separation ever for me, hardy har har). However, I have to be home. That's my thing. I have to be home to get my shit together and prepare for the week ahead. 

Dang, that sounds so grown-up. 

Today was decidedly good. Not blue. More sunny. Like:

1. Lining up my outfits for the week. Like a girl! I never ever used to do this, but now I can't survive without it. Also it's fun. Check it: 

2. Dinner of arugula, LightLife Buffalo Wings, Laughing Cow Lite Blue Cheese, non-fat plain greek yogurt, and really cheap white wine. Honestly. This is the bestie best dinner. Diet crack. Yum.

3. Catching up on House of Lies on Showtime. The crassest and crudest yet most touching show I've seen in a long time. 

4. I started Day One of Couch to 5k program today. FINALLY. I was inspired cuz my friend Ti posted on The Facebook that she ran nearly 3 miles in the pouring rain and liked it (and I do believe she is right around graduation time for her Cto5k program). It was not hard. But that is not to say that I liked it. My knees hurt (bad knees run in my fam). Don't worry, I'll keep at it, cuz Gawd Forbid I Don't Reach Every Goddamn Goal I Ever Made In My Whole Life.

5. Did you want to see my outfit lineup close up? Okay. I may not to get to wear the third from the left this week (the one with the five inch denim platform sandals) cuz the weather is supposed to be temperamental.

P.S. Not so sunny: I have been pretty damn well on plan all week and I haven't lost a pound. Fuck that. Wait. On plan with the exception of wine. Please don't tell me that I have to give up my wine. Sigh. Bah. Boo. Onward.

P.P.S. Do you remember how I put two pairs of boots on the back shelf for the month of March to see if I could live without them? As the lineup above clearly demonstrates, I am doing just fine. Actually, I wistfully reach for my Fryes nearly every day, but then I don't. Soon, little boots, soon.

P.P.S.S. In other news, I would like to write a letter to David Tutera. If you don't know who that is, all I can say is LUCKY YOU and you'd best not read this letter. Also, don't judge. 

Dear David Tutera,

Are you for real? No really, Are You For Real? Because, seriously, I accidentally watched your television show one day, and then I watched it again, and then again. At first I made fun of it. Ha ha, those brides are kooky-town. And that David guy is SO ARROGANT and PATRONIZING and FAKE.

Why would I even watch this show? Fer crissakes, I pretty much eloped with Sir Cardigan. None of that wedding non-sense for me, no sir.

And then came the weekend in which I allowed myself to watch several episodes in a row (maybe an entire season) while working on inn projects. And, well, I wept. Okay, not exactly difficult, but still.

So, David Tutera, I would like to ask you again, Are You For Real? Because when you behave so kindly to these regular folks and treat them like the sweetest people you ever met, I believe you. And when you are so absolutely delighted when you see your dolled-up bride, I am delighted too!  And, finally, when the obligatory speech at the end by the happy couple always includes how they think you'll all be best friends forever, I am hopeful that you will and also a little teeny bit jealous because I would like to be best friends with you forever also. 

I also like how you wear an outfit that matches the wedding, especially when you wear pattern-pattern-pattern like on the episode where you wore a pin-striped suit, a print tie, and a checked shirt. Sharp!

All of this to say that I have come to the conclusion that you are a True Believer. True Believers are so rare and lovely and I very much hope that it's true that you're true. 

That is all.


PS. I have not watched all of your programs yet, and am very very hopeful that at least one of the weddings is gay or lesbian. 

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  1. "Soon, little boots, soon". I don't know why, but that line made me laugh so hard! Damn, Mad, you are too much.