Monday, March 5, 2012

Mad Stylish Boots!

Well. I almost didn't post this because a) no makeup; b) nighttime shit photo; and c) the usual oh crap, my extra weight shows. Whatever! Taking a photo is great for keeping me behaved on ye ol stupid diet.


  • Black vintage swingy skirt $13
  • Ivory/black floral blouse $5
  • Mustard polyester mock turtleneck $3
  • Perfect little Marchesa di Gresy black wool jacket from I Magnin, maybe 1968 $7
  • White and black dangly clipons $1
  • Bongo plaid boots $5
Not thrifted:
  • Lacey floral tights. Hole-y. Therefore, $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Dear gawd, please do not let my laziness result in no makeup. I like makeup. I should wear it. 
  • I've been jonesing to wear these boots. They're cool.  G'DAMN they felt high. Like I was walking on stilts. I felt like I was on Melrose Place a little bit! However, my colleague noted that they have a certain Downton Abbey-ish-ness, which pleases me very much.  Look:

Total outfit cost: $34

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