Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It was a little chilly this morning, so I grabbed a cape

I guess the more appropriate phrase is that I "donned a cape."

There really aren't any good times to wear a cape, though, so I have to slip 'em in when I can. And this cape is a doozy. Vintage, wool, with structured, gold brocaded shoulders and the perfect length. Not quite a coat, but more than a sweater. I think it's pretty and elegant. 

Umm, however, I do look like I should be guarding a castle. So there's that.


  • Vintage The Halle Bros. Co. Junior Shop black wool cape $7.50
  • S.G. Sport embroidered (see a close up below) black/multi cardigan $4
  • Worthington black/white tweedy pencil skirt $4
  • Ivory knitted tank $3
  • Gold bakelite beads $3
  • Multi-colored clip-ons $1
  • White sheer scarf headband $1
  • Green suede MaryJane wedges $10
Not thrifted: Nothing? Huh.

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo: 
  • I think the cape wants to be paired with a less lady-like outfit. It wants motorcycle boots and jeans! Yes?
  • I really like how this outfit came together, and I felt grown-up wearing it. BUT, it felt a little matchy matchy and conservative. I know, I know...I'm silly. That's why I tied the scarf into a bow on my head - to goof it up a bit - but that probably wasn't the wisest choice. 
Total outfit cost: $33.50

P.S. Check out my SASSY arm-on-hip model pose! Whoa, nellie!

P.P.S. The embroidery on this cardigan is quite lovely. See?

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