Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Tops among the many thrift items I buy no matter what (aka, Thrift Crack) are charm bracelets. Charms alone are cool too. But it's the bracelets I crave. The really good ones - either good quality or chock-full-o-charms - go for lots of dough on ebay. Way out of my range. But I occasionally find bracelets with just a few charms on them at thrift stores for practically nothing. They're dreamy and endlessly fascinating to me. 

I found one recently for $8 at a flea market. Cheap gold, it has a poodle, a bird with jewel eyes, a cupid holding a ruby heart, and a couple other charms. And...a plaque-type charm that has a gold rose and says "A Day To Remember." I wonder wonder wonder what day she was remembering? I am sentimental enough to make up stories about the owner and what she liked all based on her charms. Graduation, maybe?

My other gold one was a couple bucks at a thrift store and has a few extra special charms, too, including a beautiful little typewriter that has some movement in the roller (moving charms are the very best). I'm wearing both today. See:

Anyway! Today! I took the picture in my office and it is all sun-drenched and fakey. But that's okay! It's also kind of funky. And I left in the creative-beyond-creative poster my colleagues made me for my birthday one year that mimicked the "mad men" advertising poster. I love it so so so much. 

  • Pleated blue full skirt $5
  • Lined ivory knitted? crocheted sleeveless shirt $5
  • J Crew pretty golden ruffle neck cashmere/mix cardigan $7
  • Vintage ivory low-heeled maryjanes $2
  • Charm bracelets $10
  • Multi-colored clipons $1
Not thrifted:
  • Anthropologie thin gold belt ?? $12
  • Anthropologie red/blue/ivory headband ?? $10
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I am a little chilly in the bare-legged department. But I am hopefully dressing for sunshine!
  • Ummm, so there's this: I am taking the photo to help stop fucking up my diet efforts. Let's just say it's working. Hello hips!

    The scene, last night, inside my head:

    Self: Sir Cardigan is at the inn. I could have indian food. Yum! [Sir C hates indian food.]

    Self: No. Don't do that.

    Self: Thai? Green curry? Yum.

    Self: That sounds soooooo good.

    Self: You never get to have thai food. It will be fine! But maybe I want chinese food. Hmmm. Something black bean sauce?

    Self: Geezus you are pathetic!

    Self: Oh for heaven's sake. Order something, don't order something. Stop being a ninny.

    Self: Okay. I'll order something. But it will be sushi! Relatively healthy! And I can have that deep fried delicious tuna roll thing that I had at Jenny's birthday last week.

    Self: Ummmm, rice and deep fried? Not actually healthy dumbass. Nice try.


    Self: Take your daily photo and upload it and then decide if you really must order takeout food for dinner, mkay?

    Epilogue: I took the photo. Consequently I decided against ordering food and ate an on-plan meal. Subsidized by Very Cheap white wine. 

Total outfit cost: $52 (veering dangerously into not-so-thrifty territory, THANKS ANTHROPOLOGIE FOR BEING THREE DOORS DOWN FROM MY HOUSE AND HAVING TO PASS YOU TWICE A DAY.)

P.S. My dreadlocks are braided and put up like a scandinavian lady. I did that on the bus without the benefit of a mirror. I know, right?

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