Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An A+ day

When I travel for business now, I look at this here blawg to pick out my outfits. I rarely try new getups for bizness because I have had too many fails to risk it at something important. Not because I need to look a certain way for the work, but because I'll feel stupid and when I feel stupid, I am incapable of not obsessing about all that stupid-ness. And that gets in the way.

So, today, I had a casual yet important little meeting in DC. I wore MOSTLY this outfit, but with a black skirt instead (it's already hot here, and the pants are lined/wool, bah), and I added my good-luck hairdo, the world-famous dreadlock sidebun

I didn't take but this one photo over there on the right. Which I took just before I nearly ran into Hillary Rodham Clinton. I managed a grunt of "oopscuse uh" because I'm so terrifically cool. She looked fantastic, btw, and was wearing a way-too-heavy but super darling cinch waist print coat thing. And she was deep in conversation with someone. So even if I was even remotely not-stupid enough to speak, it would have been rude.

Well, I nearly bumped into her because my meeting was here, where some people that work here wanted to Pick My Brain (not about thrift store clothes, what?):

I tried to be cool about the whole thing, but, SHOCKINGLY, was not. I saw good things (hello, oval office!), and you know what? I really liked the meeting. 

No one said anything about my outfit though.


  1. I second that! Bad ass! And love that outfit, probably even more so with a black skirt since I love everything with a black skirt.

    And I know you gave good advice, so I hope everyone paid attention and only failed to mention your outfit because they were thinking so hard on your words.

  2. What they said.