Saturday, March 31, 2012

March and only kind of mad

Don't know if you've noticed, but apparently I'm back into this blogging thing. Check out the record number of posts for March - most since September. YOU'RE WELCOME. And, honestly, this is a big deal to me. See, I'm the kind of person that goes through phases in which in get into something, do it to the hilt, and then move along. It's irritating to some, but I like life that way. Always interesting!

Weight loss - well, you can't do that. Unfuckingfortunately. I signed up for the long haul, and that's kind of a bummer, but also just reality. I have to stick with it. This here blawg helps me stick. So, thanks. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


  • Striped Ralph Lauren shirt $4
  • Ivory, floral polyester button-down $4
  • Black cardigan $4
  • Ivory swingy skirt $7
  • Mess-o-pearls $4
  • Rose barrette/hair pin $1
  • Lace-up combat boots $10
  • Clip-on pearl earrings $2
Not thrifted:
  • Black tights $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I don't know if it's exactly healthy to take photos of yourself every day-ish. I mean, totally self-absorbed. Boring. Etc. But, also, I've lost my ability judge! Not sure if this is a good outfit or what. But I was comfortable and felt put-together all day. That's good. 
Total outfit cost $41

Friday, March 30, 2012

Looks like I made it. NOT.

Looks like I made it. NOT.*

Oh, the art of the mismatched outfit. Lovesies. Running around today so I can't say as this was a "curated" outfit. 


  • Oakland A's t-shirt. HOLLA. $4
  • Meraki thrifted/gifted orange/yellows/etc plaid skirt $0
  • Black clingy cardigan $4
  • Black Frye boots $10
  • Sheer scarf headband $0
  • Dangly black clip-ons $2
Not thrifted:
  • Pale pink tights $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
Total outfit cost: $25

* On the nearly last days of March, I totally failed at my challenge to not wear a Certain Pair of Boots for one month. Just when I thought I'd made it and branched out from my two go-to pairs of boots, I couldn't resist the allure of the most comfortable boots in the world, the boots that match every single thing I own. 

Hi little boots. It's good to have you back where you belong. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An extra in an Amy Grant video maybe?

Oh how my teenage self would have loved this getup. The cardigan has a distinctly Esprit-in-the-80s vibe. My gawd, how I wanted to wear Esprit in the 80s but I never did cuz we only shopped at Sears (for fancy clothes) and at the (military) PX for everything else. Well, that's for the things that we BOUGHT. When you're the youngest of nine you don't really wear new clothes. Hand-me-downs and homemade - that was it. I didn't really appreciate the handmade stuff, either. Now I do, too late.

Also in the 80s: I loved Amy Grant. And I swear this looks like something a girl in the crowd at an Amy Grant concert would wear.* Not that that's a bad thing.


  • Basic Outlook black short cardigan with red flowers and white polkydots $2
  • White t-shirt $2
  • Burberry-ish plaid skirt $4
  • Skecher butterscotch chunky heel mid-calf boot $10
  • Sparkly pearl and tan bead clipons $1
  • Sheer tan scarf head band $1
Not thrifted:
  • Old necklaces $0
  • Black tights $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I wasn't happy with my accessories today. Not quite right - maybe chunkier and bold would have been better than dainty chains.
  • I feel a little silly in this sweater. It feels a little youthful to me. Ha ha.
  • I don't hate this. Not sure I'd wear it again, but I don't hate it at all.
Total outfit cost $25

* I have changed a little tiny bit since those days shall we say.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Monday!

Oh, well, I meant to wake up early and run but my fuzzy alarm clock and foggy brain conspired against me. And then I made the mistake of answering a work related phone call. And I didn't pick out an outfit ahead of time. And so on and so forth.

But I STILL managed to have a sunny Monday cuz that's just how I roll.


  • Gifted but thrifted Merona green/beige/black pleated skirt $0
  • Oscar de la Renta black/white micro-striped shirt $4
  • Ivory cross-hatch clingy cardigan $4
  • Black belt with peace buckle $2
  • Vibram black lace-up combat boots $24
  • Ivory sheer scarf headband $1
  • Black/gray beaded clip ons $1
Not thrifted:
  • Plain black tights $5
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Blah-di-blah. I need to choose my outfits ahead of time - this isn't bad, but it doesn't sing.
  • In other news, I love Pattern on Pattern. Not as much as, say, Kasmira, but I do love stripes with plaids with cross hatches etc etc etc. Speaking of Kasmira (the genius behind one of the very bestest daily outfit blogs out there), I'm gonna choose a week to mimic her style, a day behind her. She puts together the wildest outfits, but I'm not sure if the reason she can pull it off is because she's darling and fit and the same style on me would look sort of kooky lady homeless or not. We shall see! Coming soon!
Total outfit cost: $41 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It was a little chilly this morning, so I grabbed a cape

I guess the more appropriate phrase is that I "donned a cape."

There really aren't any good times to wear a cape, though, so I have to slip 'em in when I can. And this cape is a doozy. Vintage, wool, with structured, gold brocaded shoulders and the perfect length. Not quite a coat, but more than a sweater. I think it's pretty and elegant. 

Umm, however, I do look like I should be guarding a castle. So there's that.


  • Vintage The Halle Bros. Co. Junior Shop black wool cape $7.50
  • S.G. Sport embroidered (see a close up below) black/multi cardigan $4
  • Worthington black/white tweedy pencil skirt $4
  • Ivory knitted tank $3
  • Gold bakelite beads $3
  • Multi-colored clip-ons $1
  • White sheer scarf headband $1
  • Green suede MaryJane wedges $10
Not thrifted: Nothing? Huh.

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo: 
  • I think the cape wants to be paired with a less lady-like outfit. It wants motorcycle boots and jeans! Yes?
  • I really like how this outfit came together, and I felt grown-up wearing it. BUT, it felt a little matchy matchy and conservative. I know, I know...I'm silly. That's why I tied the scarf into a bow on my head - to goof it up a bit - but that probably wasn't the wisest choice. 
Total outfit cost: $33.50

P.S. Check out my SASSY arm-on-hip model pose! Whoa, nellie!

P.P.S. The embroidery on this cardigan is quite lovely. See?

My mother

Today's get-up was, really, pretty much something my mother would have worn. I think. I have only very vague memories of my mother as a person who dressed up and such (she was in a wheelchair by the time I was in grade school - multiple sclerosis). I have a very distinct vision of my mom standing up with a fitted dress on, a cardigan (!), and a scarf around her neck. This feels like that kind of outfit.


  • What I thought was a red, white-ish, and black acrylic sweater with brass buttons is actually a red, white-ish, and BLUE acrylic sweater but I still love it...$2
  • Vintage Carol Brent black wool dress $5 
  • Chunky heeled t-straps $5
  • White plastic dangly clipons $1
  • Various necklaces $5
  • Gold-ish belt $2
Not thrifted:
  • Cheap geometric black tights $5
  • White headband $2
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I really love 60s style. My colleague Heather though this looked vaguely like I was a flight attendant and I am not opposed to this, it's true. But try as I might, I don't think I can quite carry it off. It's just too bulky. I need a narrower sweater, a narrower profile on my body. I will be sad to put this rad sweater to pasture but I think I must. Sigh.
Total outfit cost: $27

P.S. As usual, Cotton improves my outfit. I love her so.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Here's to daylight!

How freaking easy is it for me to take a non-sucky daily outfit photo when the light outside cooperates?

And...why, yes, I am taking this photo at a VERY FLATTERING ANGLE, which you might think is intentional but is really just an accident. As I have made quite QUITE evident on this here blawg, I'm not exactly talented at the taking of photos, despite the fact that I held the position of Assistant Manager of Sears Portrait Studio when I was17. My skills for that job were less about lighting and stuff and more in the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-BOO department of making babies lo ok surprised which passed for a "smile" in the eyes of mushy new parents. 

Enough with the blah-blah-blah. 


  • Kenneth Cole men's black and white oxford buckle shoes, over which I swoon with swooniness because I am from the 80s and this shoe, THIS SHOE, is the shoe of my dreams for only $6.99 - a fact that I shared with the world today because I failed to remove the price tag from the back of the shoe and actually am kind of sad that I eventually removed because that is such a great price and I do like to brag about my extreme priceawesomeness.
  • White t-shirt $2
  • Black clingy cardigan $4
  • Extra sweet pink/ivory clipons $1.50 (MORE ON THESE BELOW)
  • Talbots floral silk a-line skirt $4
  • Pale pink headband/scarf $1
Not thrifted:
  • Knit cable foot-less tights. $0. Old. 
  • Also old studded belt $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I love all shoes like this (clunky, buckles, doc-like, from the 80s, etc etc etc and so on and so forth) but I also love to be tall-er. I really reallllllly wanted to put on chunky-heeled black boots but am glad I didn't cuz of my goal to branch out. Still, short. Hmmm.
  • I had a strangely hard time putting this outfit together. Partly cuz of the shoes, but also cuz the tights I kept putting with it were OBVS (black, white, pale pink, etc). I'm liking the beigey cable knits, you?
Total outfit cost: $18.50 (HOLY MOLY)

P.S. About the earrings! Here's a little tip, tho I am loathe to share it...There is an open air market just south of Fort Bragg, CA, on weekends and a lady that shows up *sometimes* and sells jewelry. Prices range, all the way up to $50ish or so for really gorgeous stuff, but she always has a bunch of clip-ons for $2 each OR 3 pairs for $5. These truly amazing pink babies (mostly rubbery plastic with fake jewels) were among my last $5 score...and these are pretty typical for what she has. Here's a close up, and do whisper a really good secret in my giant ear: 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday night blues, scratch that, Sunday night sunshine (!) round-up

I have a thing about Sunday nights. My friend Amy always called 'em the "Sunday Night Blues." You know, when the crush of the week ahead tumbles over you along with dread and/or anticipation. Usually, it's not dread for me...just shifting worlds from the inn to the bizness (as if there is actually any separation ever for me, hardy har har). However, I have to be home. That's my thing. I have to be home to get my shit together and prepare for the week ahead. 

Dang, that sounds so grown-up. 

Today was decidedly good. Not blue. More sunny. Like:

1. Lining up my outfits for the week. Like a girl! I never ever used to do this, but now I can't survive without it. Also it's fun. Check it: 

2. Dinner of arugula, LightLife Buffalo Wings, Laughing Cow Lite Blue Cheese, non-fat plain greek yogurt, and really cheap white wine. Honestly. This is the bestie best dinner. Diet crack. Yum.

3. Catching up on House of Lies on Showtime. The crassest and crudest yet most touching show I've seen in a long time. 

4. I started Day One of Couch to 5k program today. FINALLY. I was inspired cuz my friend Ti posted on The Facebook that she ran nearly 3 miles in the pouring rain and liked it (and I do believe she is right around graduation time for her Cto5k program). It was not hard. But that is not to say that I liked it. My knees hurt (bad knees run in my fam). Don't worry, I'll keep at it, cuz Gawd Forbid I Don't Reach Every Goddamn Goal I Ever Made In My Whole Life.

5. Did you want to see my outfit lineup close up? Okay. I may not to get to wear the third from the left this week (the one with the five inch denim platform sandals) cuz the weather is supposed to be temperamental.

P.S. Not so sunny: I have been pretty damn well on plan all week and I haven't lost a pound. Fuck that. Wait. On plan with the exception of wine. Please don't tell me that I have to give up my wine. Sigh. Bah. Boo. Onward.

P.P.S. Do you remember how I put two pairs of boots on the back shelf for the month of March to see if I could live without them? As the lineup above clearly demonstrates, I am doing just fine. Actually, I wistfully reach for my Fryes nearly every day, but then I don't. Soon, little boots, soon.

P.P.S.S. In other news, I would like to write a letter to David Tutera. If you don't know who that is, all I can say is LUCKY YOU and you'd best not read this letter. Also, don't judge. 

Dear David Tutera,

Are you for real? No really, Are You For Real? Because, seriously, I accidentally watched your television show one day, and then I watched it again, and then again. At first I made fun of it. Ha ha, those brides are kooky-town. And that David guy is SO ARROGANT and PATRONIZING and FAKE.

Why would I even watch this show? Fer crissakes, I pretty much eloped with Sir Cardigan. None of that wedding non-sense for me, no sir.

And then came the weekend in which I allowed myself to watch several episodes in a row (maybe an entire season) while working on inn projects. And, well, I wept. Okay, not exactly difficult, but still.

So, David Tutera, I would like to ask you again, Are You For Real? Because when you behave so kindly to these regular folks and treat them like the sweetest people you ever met, I believe you. And when you are so absolutely delighted when you see your dolled-up bride, I am delighted too!  And, finally, when the obligatory speech at the end by the happy couple always includes how they think you'll all be best friends forever, I am hopeful that you will and also a little teeny bit jealous because I would like to be best friends with you forever also. 

I also like how you wear an outfit that matches the wedding, especially when you wear pattern-pattern-pattern like on the episode where you wore a pin-striped suit, a print tie, and a checked shirt. Sharp!

All of this to say that I have come to the conclusion that you are a True Believer. True Believers are so rare and lovely and I very much hope that it's true that you're true. 

That is all.


PS. I have not watched all of your programs yet, and am very very hopeful that at least one of the weddings is gay or lesbian. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An A+ day

When I travel for business now, I look at this here blawg to pick out my outfits. I rarely try new getups for bizness because I have had too many fails to risk it at something important. Not because I need to look a certain way for the work, but because I'll feel stupid and when I feel stupid, I am incapable of not obsessing about all that stupid-ness. And that gets in the way.

So, today, I had a casual yet important little meeting in DC. I wore MOSTLY this outfit, but with a black skirt instead (it's already hot here, and the pants are lined/wool, bah), and I added my good-luck hairdo, the world-famous dreadlock sidebun

I didn't take but this one photo over there on the right. Which I took just before I nearly ran into Hillary Rodham Clinton. I managed a grunt of "oopscuse uh" because I'm so terrifically cool. She looked fantastic, btw, and was wearing a way-too-heavy but super darling cinch waist print coat thing. And she was deep in conversation with someone. So even if I was even remotely not-stupid enough to speak, it would have been rude.

Well, I nearly bumped into her because my meeting was here, where some people that work here wanted to Pick My Brain (not about thrift store clothes, what?):

I tried to be cool about the whole thing, but, SHOCKINGLY, was not. I saw good things (hello, oval office!), and you know what? I really liked the meeting. 

No one said anything about my outfit though.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I put this getup together a week ago (along with a couple more - nothing like having outfits lined up!), but then you have to wait for the right weather and circumstances and all that. 

Then I put it on and was instantly kind of bored. It needed something. A red belt? More mustard? Actually, I always think an outfit could use more mustard. Anyway, bus-catching and oversleeping conspired against me and away I went to work. 

Then, two people stopped me on the street to compliment the outfit. Huh? I WILL TAKE IT. 


  • Ivory polyester sleeveless top $4
  • Brown cotton/tweedy print pencil skirt $5
  • Wool sweater with blue/browns fair isle type details $7
  • Brown naturalizer ankle strap maryjanes $7
  • Bangles $3
  • Wooden bead clipons $1
  • Pale blue scarf headband $1
Not thrifted:
  • Anthropologie wide, holey knit tights $15
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • The aforementioned color addition! Mustard! 
  • Jewelry around the neck (I actually had some blue beads picked out but it all felt too matchy matchy and I put them away)
  • The pencil skirt pleases me more than the full skirts I've been wearing. Indeed!
Total outfit cost: $43

Monday, March 12, 2012

I decree a moratorium

I decree a moratorium on full skirts until I trim down a-fucking-gain. Yes? Yes. Seriously, I fucking hate how short I look in this picture. Short and squat. But the thing is, I have no idea if what I see is real or not real.

Don't worry, I'm EMOTIONALLY FINE. But I am irritated with how quickly I see myself as fat in the mirror again. However, if it is a motivator to kick myself in the ass, I'm cool with that.

I wore this at the inn in the middle of some totally crazy days! Out east, then back home for a couple days for our inn-related whale festival* and heading back east tomorrow. Sometimes I have to wear flat shoes and loose clothes for a day, y'know?


  • Black clingy cardigan $4
  • White t-shirt $2
  • Red polyester pleated full skirt $5
  • Black Dr. Martens maryjanes $6
  • "A" necklace $2 
Not thrifted:
  • Flower print on white footless tights $8
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Is it just me or do I really need to deal with my ladies? AGAIN. I have got hoist 'em better.
  • Also, umm, yeah, no full skirts for a while, yes? Yes.
Total outfit cost: $27

* Would you like to hear a sweet story? Okay then! Here you go!

A year ago, during the week before our whale festival (an event in our inn community that involves a whole bunch of work but raises money for local stuff so therefore cool), I was working like a crazy lady back east pretty much all week, every week, with a client that I love that was dealing with some serious trouble. Someone emailed the mister asking if we could put together a box for the raffle for our whale festival (which seems stupid, but they wanted something artsy and fun, which is my specialty). He forwarded it to me, and I immediately said, no snark intended, "okay, yes, sure, I can make a really cool little box to hold raffle tickets on friday night when I get home (umm, after I fly six hours and drive three hours to the inn). no problem!" And my mister replied, "honey...are you crazy? No. Just no. You are doing important work back east and you need to stay focused. Don't let this stuff distract you. I can make it. I only emailed you to let you know, and I'll deal with it. I just wondered if you knew of some sort of box somewhere that I could use. That's all. Okay? Okay."

See how he's the bee's knees? 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Tops among the many thrift items I buy no matter what (aka, Thrift Crack) are charm bracelets. Charms alone are cool too. But it's the bracelets I crave. The really good ones - either good quality or chock-full-o-charms - go for lots of dough on ebay. Way out of my range. But I occasionally find bracelets with just a few charms on them at thrift stores for practically nothing. They're dreamy and endlessly fascinating to me. 

I found one recently for $8 at a flea market. Cheap gold, it has a poodle, a bird with jewel eyes, a cupid holding a ruby heart, and a couple other charms. And...a plaque-type charm that has a gold rose and says "A Day To Remember." I wonder wonder wonder what day she was remembering? I am sentimental enough to make up stories about the owner and what she liked all based on her charms. Graduation, maybe?

My other gold one was a couple bucks at a thrift store and has a few extra special charms, too, including a beautiful little typewriter that has some movement in the roller (moving charms are the very best). I'm wearing both today. See:

Anyway! Today! I took the picture in my office and it is all sun-drenched and fakey. But that's okay! It's also kind of funky. And I left in the creative-beyond-creative poster my colleagues made me for my birthday one year that mimicked the "mad men" advertising poster. I love it so so so much. 

  • Pleated blue full skirt $5
  • Lined ivory knitted? crocheted sleeveless shirt $5
  • J Crew pretty golden ruffle neck cashmere/mix cardigan $7
  • Vintage ivory low-heeled maryjanes $2
  • Charm bracelets $10
  • Multi-colored clipons $1
Not thrifted:
  • Anthropologie thin gold belt ?? $12
  • Anthropologie red/blue/ivory headband ?? $10
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I am a little chilly in the bare-legged department. But I am hopefully dressing for sunshine!
  • Ummm, so there's this: I am taking the photo to help stop fucking up my diet efforts. Let's just say it's working. Hello hips!

    The scene, last night, inside my head:

    Self: Sir Cardigan is at the inn. I could have indian food. Yum! [Sir C hates indian food.]

    Self: No. Don't do that.

    Self: Thai? Green curry? Yum.

    Self: That sounds soooooo good.

    Self: You never get to have thai food. It will be fine! But maybe I want chinese food. Hmmm. Something black bean sauce?

    Self: Geezus you are pathetic!

    Self: Oh for heaven's sake. Order something, don't order something. Stop being a ninny.

    Self: Okay. I'll order something. But it will be sushi! Relatively healthy! And I can have that deep fried delicious tuna roll thing that I had at Jenny's birthday last week.

    Self: Ummmm, rice and deep fried? Not actually healthy dumbass. Nice try.


    Self: Take your daily photo and upload it and then decide if you really must order takeout food for dinner, mkay?

    Epilogue: I took the photo. Consequently I decided against ordering food and ate an on-plan meal. Subsidized by Very Cheap white wine. 

Total outfit cost: $52 (veering dangerously into not-so-thrifty territory, THANKS ANTHROPOLOGIE FOR BEING THREE DOORS DOWN FROM MY HOUSE AND HAVING TO PASS YOU TWICE A DAY.)

P.S. My dreadlocks are braided and put up like a scandinavian lady. I did that on the bus without the benefit of a mirror. I know, right?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mad Stylish Boots!

Well. I almost didn't post this because a) no makeup; b) nighttime shit photo; and c) the usual oh crap, my extra weight shows. Whatever! Taking a photo is great for keeping me behaved on ye ol stupid diet.


  • Black vintage swingy skirt $13
  • Ivory/black floral blouse $5
  • Mustard polyester mock turtleneck $3
  • Perfect little Marchesa di Gresy black wool jacket from I Magnin, maybe 1968 $7
  • White and black dangly clipons $1
  • Bongo plaid boots $5
Not thrifted:
  • Lacey floral tights. Hole-y. Therefore, $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Dear gawd, please do not let my laziness result in no makeup. I like makeup. I should wear it. 
  • I've been jonesing to wear these boots. They're cool.  G'DAMN they felt high. Like I was walking on stilts. I felt like I was on Melrose Place a little bit! However, my colleague noted that they have a certain Downton Abbey-ish-ness, which pleases me very much.  Look:

Total outfit cost: $34

My life in shoes! Mostly boots!


As previously discussed, I have set aside my two bestie pairs of shoes for a month in order to let all my other pairs of shoes have a chance at bat. 

I have been successful in not wearing the Mudds or the Fryes for nearly a week. Yay. However, I have had some style accidents. The first was on March 1. I tried to wear these boots:

They are chunky heeled white lace-up boots. Not the most normal shoe, but shouldn't be that hard, right? 

Dear gawd, I ended up looking like a fucking easter egg. NOT KIDDING. There is no picture, thank sweet baby geebus. I wore the above boots with blush tights, a lime green floral full skirt, a pink top, and other things. It was HORRIBLE. 

But, I shan't give up on these boots. I think they're cool. And they only cost $4.99 at the goodwill. If you have any ideas about how to wear them, I would be very grateful.