Friday, February 17, 2012

The Score

Hey, who doesn't love finding something fandamntastic at the thrift store? Nobody, that's who. I find *so* *so* many good things thrifting. So much so that people ask me how/where/etc. Honestly, it's just that I shop a lot. Too much. But, that's how you SCORE.

Today I scored two gooooooood things.

First, cowboy boots. I have a law that I always buy cowboy boots that are within in the vicinity of my size no matter what. These are Tony Lama boots. I don't give a hoot about the brand, but some people dig that. They were $15, which is a grand price for fancytime cowboy boots but pretty much at the bitter edge of what I would pay for a pair of stupid shoes. Still, a score.

The boots at right are not exactly what I found, but pretty close.

Are capes a thing? Or are they just a thing in my head? Because, I so so love them. Today, also for $15, I found a mossy green genuine austrian loden cape. It has ginormormawesome buttons - just two of 'em - and ivory trim and collar. And these little chains on the inside that make the cap have sleeves. The picture below isn't quite right. Maybe I should take a photo of it. And the big tag inside that says "genuine austrian loden" on it. Pity I'm rarely cold enough to need it.

BTW, It's the second cape I've found in a month. I hope it's a trend!

This cape isn't exactly mine (mine has the ivory details, big buttons, and is shorter). But I wrote this after already snuggled in bed and didn't want to get up and photygraph.

Happy friday friendlies!


  1. Capes are definitely a thing, from what Project Runway tells me.

  2. and you can never go wrong with cowboy boots - even had mine on tonight at the local crab feed!

  3. Sally! If you say so, it must be true.

    And Jenny, truer words were never spoken!