Monday, February 27, 2012

Real people don't buy people

Warning! This post has nothing to do with thrift store clothes, diets, or other such nonsense.

The photo at right is making the rounds on Facebook. I am totally weirded out by it.

First, don't these famous people in the picture look like they are in cheap hotels after picking up a "date" for the night? The "real men don't buy girls" sign says to me "hey, I buy grown-up women but I wouldn't buy a GIRL. I'm not a Complete Asshole! Sheesh!"

So in my bizness, we do lots of campaigns in which people participate in all kinds of ways, including the upload a photo of yourself with a sign thing. I'm actually *not* a huge fan of the tactic because it gets overused and can tank really easily. Still, I'm not above it, and have done it from time to time. And, I get that when a celebrity does something, however lame and misguided (as I think this is), it can reach people who need to hear it in ways that many other messages won't. Do I think that some dude somewhere is gonna go "hey I was gonna buy a girl, but now I'll buy a woman?" Ummm, MAYBE. Does that make this worth it? NO FUCKING WAY.

I have nothing against working people in the sex trade, duh. But I tend to think people in the business sell a service. Not themselves per se.

My pal and colleague Will said it best, "It's not like the problem with buying girls is that it's not very masculine. It's that it involves fucking buying a human."

Oh. And I just found that this is a campaign from The DNA Foundation. As in "demi and ashton." Doesn't that make it even more disconcerting?

The end. Carry on. Talk about clothes.

P.S. I am in a Shoe Rut! Despite owning twelvesiezillion pairs of shoes, I have been wearing two pairs of boots over and over and over for months. Oh I occasionally throw in something else. But it is entirely unacceptable! Therefore! And Hear Ye! I shall henceforth for the period of 31 days beginning March the 1st in the Year Two Thousand and Twelve Ban Two Pairs of Boots as follows:

I am calling it the March Boot Ban Challenge. It is not alliterative. Sorry.

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