Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Medifast vs Nutrisystem

This is not the right title for this post but it'll do.

The gist is that I spent about 10 months on Medifast and lost just shy of 100 pounds.

Then, I gained about 15 pounds back over a couple months. Now, I'm trying to lose that 15 plus another 15.

I decided to start Medifast again for a couple months. But, I just.couldn't.do.it.

It's not Medifast's fault. It's my own propensity to bore the shit out of myself. Unfortunately, I spent a month being on program (that's what mf'ers say when they're following the plan) half the time and woefully, embarrassingly, dreadfully off program the rest. AKA, that didn't work.

I decided to acknowledge my boredom with the regime - it is very, very limited, even if you're creative and mixing it up - and switch to something else. I decided on Nutrisystem.

It's basically the same price as Medifast. It is more calories, more carbs, way more variety though - which (I'm presuming) will mean that I lose more slowly. I'm cool with that. Well, kind of cool. We'll see. Medifast worked so well for me that this seems like it can't possibly work. I mean, I get to have pasta! What? Everyone knows you can't lose weight eating pasta.

The food is still processed-y which I hate, but I truly know that convenience is critical for me. Most of the food is ready to eat by adding hot water or heating for a minute in a microwave. It's pretty good actually - or at least somewhat satisfying in the I-feel-deprived department.

I know that it's all a little silly. I mean, I could easily (in theory) figure out the calorie/fat/carb/protein counts that Nutrisystem allows and prepare better food than they provide. But, what with the traveling and two small businesses and laziness, that's just not going to happen and I know it. Not now, at least. If I'm in one place for two or three days at a time I can do it fine but lately...nope, too crazy.

So, that's that. I'll keep ya posted. Cuz, I KNOW you are DYING to know what happens next in this fascinating drama of weight loss and maintenance.

BUT, I'll try not to keep you TOO posted. Because it bores me too.

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