Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to wear a hat and why

By which I mean I DON'T KNOW how to wear a hat NOR why. But I would like to know!

It started with this. A beautiful old hat box, tied with string.

Inside, these: several perfect condition old hats. Really effing gorgeous. 
Do you want to know what I paid for these hats? 

$8. Four hats. Yeeky yikey doodle! That is a very good price. But ever since I bought the hats a monthish ago, they have sat there on a shelf taunting me. Daring me to wear them. But, the thing is, I don't really know how. How? How?

I tried last month, detailed in this post. Here's the photo. A little red satin hat with a red net.

And I haven't tried any others. Cuz I'm just not certain how to integrate them into my repertoire. And I soooooo want to. I mean, I love juxtaposeyness. Combat boots with a shiny skirt. Etc. I can definitely see see wearing combat boots and a pillbox hat, sure. But where? I mean, really, where? I am seriously asking because these hats are so swell. I took cell phone photos so you could see Just How Dear these hats are. See:

Blue pill box with white and silver sequin design. 

Brown velvet with brown netting and a rhinestone brooch. Broach? You know what I mean.

And then this guy. It's like a wide fake flower headband with a flat bow. Mint green.

So yeah. Look at them. Sweet like pie. But it's just hard to imagine that I'm going to jump on the bus to work sporting any of these hats. Unless I am going to work as a bellhop in 1962. 

Does that mean I save them for special occasions? Boo bah. No. I do not like that solution. I guess I can make any evening into a special occasion. You know. We're going for a glass of wine! Here's my hat! Or, happy hour at the inn - I'll be the kooky hat-wearing innkeeper! 

I don't know what to do. Whaddya think? De-lurk and advise me.


PS. I wore outfit #G today from the above masthead to a Networking Type Business Event. Hit!

PPS. Tomorrow I begin my March Boot Ban Challenge in which I ban the two pairs of boots responsible for my unfortunate Shoe Rut. I'm banning my Mudd black chunky heels and my Frye engineer boots (weeeeep) because I wear them too much. I'm going to blow your mind with shoes I've never worn on this here blawg. Or rarely. Or, well, just not as often as these two perfect pairs of boots:

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  1. I'll have you know, my dear, that I was practically arrested at the craft store for trying to sneak a photo of a true grande dame wearing a white mohair fedora with a purple feathery flower on the side, a deep amethyst velour track suit (definitely more nieman's than mervyn's) with true aplomb.