Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hippie Mama

Don't faint. I have an outfit photo for you. I finally figured out that while the morning is too rushed and the evening is too dark, there's a whole bunch of light time during the day while I am at my work. So, I said to myself, "hey self! bring your effing camera to work and take the photo there!"

That is the kind of big thinking that has garnered me such success in life.

In part, though, the reason I haven't been doing much outfit-photo-taking is cuz I have been wearing repeat get-ups. This one is not only an outfit that I have not worn before, but I also tried a New Thing! A pretty vintage-style loose top with a knitted/crocheted type bodice up top. I look like a hippie! And maybe pregnant! (I am kind of one of those things. GUESS WHICH ONE.)

  • Belin loose red cotton/knitted top $5
  • BeCoolBeCoolBeCool black short-ish skirt $4
  • Beige cross-hatch pattern cardigan $4
  • Bangle bracelets $4
  • Silver dangly clipons $1
  • Peace necklace $2
  • Mudd black chunky-heeled boots $10
  • Gold knitted headband/scarf thing .50 cents
Not thrifted:
  • Black tights $5
  • Modcloth clocket ($0) (Used to be 20something, but once I've worn something I purchased new a dozen times it reverts to $0.) (This is a random rule.)
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Let us first agree that it is awesome that there is finally an outfit photo.
  • I think it wants a staighter skirt or even straight-legged PANTS. But I don't really wear pants. 
  • I now know why people wear tops like this. Comfortable. Hides the bulgey parts.
  • But, here's the thing. I kind of like my bulgey parts. I mean, I am a Lady with Curves. Wearing a loose top hides the curves as if I'm embarrassed by them. Like I am wearing a sign that says "this lady is wearing a loose top because she is hiding her bulgey bits." I'm actually not interested in hiding my ladiness. Honestly, one of the best things about losing weight was finding out that I have a waist. The purpose of the waist is to create the figure. Figures are good. And even if I am curvier than I'd like to be in the belly area, overall...I'm good with the curves. How about THAT for positive self-image? 
  • However! It is really comfortable and I feel kind of swingy hippie cool, like I'm leading the watercolor class at the community center later and play the guitar and make really good curry tofu and am kind of nurturing. 
  • Umm, yeah, it's not really me. But I will wear it again. 
Total outfit cost: $35.50


  1. Yay for outfit photo!

    I can never get behind the loose tops for the maternity issue. I am sure that everyone will assume I am pregnant (or hiding bulgy bits). But I agree that it's cute here especially with the snuggish sweater. I further agree that it wants a straight skirt or narrow pants though.

  2. THAT is a tre adorable outfit! And real body confidence means that you wear what you like, what appeals to you, loose, tight, whatever. It all looks fab.