Monday, February 27, 2012


I have recently become aware of a thing called a "haul video" in which a shopper proudly displays and describes the results of a shopping extravaganza.

I am not up for the video.

But, I have had some very very good thrift store hauls of late. This weekend I spent about $10 and got the following items pictured below, plus two pairs of cool dangly clipons and a green little hat that will play an Important Role in an upcoming blawg post. And this doesn't even include the $20 couch. $20! Vinyl, brown and perfectly fine and not too skeazy.

Anyway. The haul!

First, an awesome sweater my mother would have worn in 1968. Black, white, red with gold buttons. It wants a straight skirt or dress underneath. And a stern but friendly attitude!

Do not let the sweater's boldness make you miss the sweet shoe at the bottom of the photo. A vintage cream low-heeled maryjane. While I'm delighted that winter appears to be re-appearing, this shoe makes me want some spring, stat!

And, then, a beautiful fur collar. I don't quite know how to wear fur collars but I will learn. I think this might be real fur. I prefer fake, but allow myself to buy fur that is not just thrift, but also created a long time ago when people were less enlightened.

Nestled in the fur on the left is a little wooden hanging with birds. Because I live on the west coast, birds are a mandatory element in all my decor schemes.

And then...two cross-stitch, framed horses. I KNOW. What? What? I snapped those up before I even looked at the price ($1 for the pair).
Don't forget! Also, earrings and a little green hat. I'm telling ya, $10. HOLLA.

PS. Hats. Discuss. Post coming soon.

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