Monday, February 13, 2012

$6 sweet sweater

You guys, since I have just *not* been taking the time to photograph the outfit, I've been thinking that I shouldn't blawg. But fuck that.

Truth is, I just keep wearing tried and true outfits for the most part, and wildly unsuccessful new get ups for the other part. Boring on the one hand, and embarrassing on the other hand.

You know what's not embarrassing or boring? Finding a perfectly lovely beaded sweater on half-price day at the hospice thrift store. Half of $12 = $6 and I likey. There are moth holes and a little bit of staining but I don't really get worked up about stuff like that when a sweater costs $6.

I mean, I NEVER look like one of those perfect girls that dress vintage with a 40s hairdo and the perfect condition beaded sweater (Alice is like that, although she'd deny it). I'm always fuzzy in the hair area and torn in the stocking and untucked and what not. So moth holes? Fine.

So you wanna see that sweater? Yeah?

Okey dokey.

As you can see, the beads are those kinds that usually are on, like, moccasins. Not shiny. Sailboats and happines.

The back. And, let us agree, a cardigan which is complete with a FRONT and BACK design is the best.

Close-up. Do you see why $6 is the most awesome price for this little beauty. Luc
ky thrifter, me.

P.S. I wrote a fan letter.

My friend Allison showed me your web site, and if I fucking had any money I would spend it all on your darling skirts.

I love everything there. Dear gawd, I love EVERYTHING on your web site. I love the bric-brac and vintage europey scenes. I love the little woodsy creatures. I love that your skirts are long and thick-appearing. I love the appliques and birds and pockets and trees and windmills. And do not get me started on the cuckoo clocks.

Love, your fan forever, dear gawd help me not buy anything,

Lady Cardigan


  1. That is so nice!

    I swear I would have already succumbed and bought something except I really can't choose. Each time I go to the website I realize I can't live without ALL of it. I want to burn everything I have and wear nothing but this stuff. So I remain paralyzed.