Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to wear a hat and why

By which I mean I DON'T KNOW how to wear a hat NOR why. But I would like to know!

It started with this. A beautiful old hat box, tied with string.

Inside, these: several perfect condition old hats. Really effing gorgeous. 
Do you want to know what I paid for these hats? 

$8. Four hats. Yeeky yikey doodle! That is a very good price. But ever since I bought the hats a monthish ago, they have sat there on a shelf taunting me. Daring me to wear them. But, the thing is, I don't really know how. How? How?

I tried last month, detailed in this post. Here's the photo. A little red satin hat with a red net.

And I haven't tried any others. Cuz I'm just not certain how to integrate them into my repertoire. And I soooooo want to. I mean, I love juxtaposeyness. Combat boots with a shiny skirt. Etc. I can definitely see see wearing combat boots and a pillbox hat, sure. But where? I mean, really, where? I am seriously asking because these hats are so swell. I took cell phone photos so you could see Just How Dear these hats are. See:

Blue pill box with white and silver sequin design. 

Brown velvet with brown netting and a rhinestone brooch. Broach? You know what I mean.

And then this guy. It's like a wide fake flower headband with a flat bow. Mint green.

So yeah. Look at them. Sweet like pie. But it's just hard to imagine that I'm going to jump on the bus to work sporting any of these hats. Unless I am going to work as a bellhop in 1962. 

Does that mean I save them for special occasions? Boo bah. No. I do not like that solution. I guess I can make any evening into a special occasion. You know. We're going for a glass of wine! Here's my hat! Or, happy hour at the inn - I'll be the kooky hat-wearing innkeeper! 

I don't know what to do. Whaddya think? De-lurk and advise me.


PS. I wore outfit #G today from the above masthead to a Networking Type Business Event. Hit!

PPS. Tomorrow I begin my March Boot Ban Challenge in which I ban the two pairs of boots responsible for my unfortunate Shoe Rut. I'm banning my Mudd black chunky heels and my Frye engineer boots (weeeeep) because I wear them too much. I'm going to blow your mind with shoes I've never worn on this here blawg. Or rarely. Or, well, just not as often as these two perfect pairs of boots:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hippie Mama

Don't faint. I have an outfit photo for you. I finally figured out that while the morning is too rushed and the evening is too dark, there's a whole bunch of light time during the day while I am at my work. So, I said to myself, "hey self! bring your effing camera to work and take the photo there!"

That is the kind of big thinking that has garnered me such success in life.

In part, though, the reason I haven't been doing much outfit-photo-taking is cuz I have been wearing repeat get-ups. This one is not only an outfit that I have not worn before, but I also tried a New Thing! A pretty vintage-style loose top with a knitted/crocheted type bodice up top. I look like a hippie! And maybe pregnant! (I am kind of one of those things. GUESS WHICH ONE.)

  • Belin loose red cotton/knitted top $5
  • BeCoolBeCoolBeCool black short-ish skirt $4
  • Beige cross-hatch pattern cardigan $4
  • Bangle bracelets $4
  • Silver dangly clipons $1
  • Peace necklace $2
  • Mudd black chunky-heeled boots $10
  • Gold knitted headband/scarf thing .50 cents
Not thrifted:
  • Black tights $5
  • Modcloth clocket ($0) (Used to be 20something, but once I've worn something I purchased new a dozen times it reverts to $0.) (This is a random rule.)
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Let us first agree that it is awesome that there is finally an outfit photo.
  • I think it wants a staighter skirt or even straight-legged PANTS. But I don't really wear pants. 
  • I now know why people wear tops like this. Comfortable. Hides the bulgey parts.
  • But, here's the thing. I kind of like my bulgey parts. I mean, I am a Lady with Curves. Wearing a loose top hides the curves as if I'm embarrassed by them. Like I am wearing a sign that says "this lady is wearing a loose top because she is hiding her bulgey bits." I'm actually not interested in hiding my ladiness. Honestly, one of the best things about losing weight was finding out that I have a waist. The purpose of the waist is to create the figure. Figures are good. And even if I am curvier than I'd like to be in the belly area, overall...I'm good with the curves. How about THAT for positive self-image? 
  • However! It is really comfortable and I feel kind of swingy hippie cool, like I'm leading the watercolor class at the community center later and play the guitar and make really good curry tofu and am kind of nurturing. 
  • Umm, yeah, it's not really me. But I will wear it again. 
Total outfit cost: $35.50

Monday, February 27, 2012


I have recently become aware of a thing called a "haul video" in which a shopper proudly displays and describes the results of a shopping extravaganza.

I am not up for the video.

But, I have had some very very good thrift store hauls of late. This weekend I spent about $10 and got the following items pictured below, plus two pairs of cool dangly clipons and a green little hat that will play an Important Role in an upcoming blawg post. And this doesn't even include the $20 couch. $20! Vinyl, brown and perfectly fine and not too skeazy.

Anyway. The haul!

First, an awesome sweater my mother would have worn in 1968. Black, white, red with gold buttons. It wants a straight skirt or dress underneath. And a stern but friendly attitude!

Do not let the sweater's boldness make you miss the sweet shoe at the bottom of the photo. A vintage cream low-heeled maryjane. While I'm delighted that winter appears to be re-appearing, this shoe makes me want some spring, stat!

And, then, a beautiful fur collar. I don't quite know how to wear fur collars but I will learn. I think this might be real fur. I prefer fake, but allow myself to buy fur that is not just thrift, but also created a long time ago when people were less enlightened.

Nestled in the fur on the left is a little wooden hanging with birds. Because I live on the west coast, birds are a mandatory element in all my decor schemes.

And then...two cross-stitch, framed horses. I KNOW. What? What? I snapped those up before I even looked at the price ($1 for the pair).
Don't forget! Also, earrings and a little green hat. I'm telling ya, $10. HOLLA.

PS. Hats. Discuss. Post coming soon.

Real people don't buy people

Warning! This post has nothing to do with thrift store clothes, diets, or other such nonsense.

The photo at right is making the rounds on Facebook. I am totally weirded out by it.

First, don't these famous people in the picture look like they are in cheap hotels after picking up a "date" for the night? The "real men don't buy girls" sign says to me "hey, I buy grown-up women but I wouldn't buy a GIRL. I'm not a Complete Asshole! Sheesh!"

So in my bizness, we do lots of campaigns in which people participate in all kinds of ways, including the upload a photo of yourself with a sign thing. I'm actually *not* a huge fan of the tactic because it gets overused and can tank really easily. Still, I'm not above it, and have done it from time to time. And, I get that when a celebrity does something, however lame and misguided (as I think this is), it can reach people who need to hear it in ways that many other messages won't. Do I think that some dude somewhere is gonna go "hey I was gonna buy a girl, but now I'll buy a woman?" Ummm, MAYBE. Does that make this worth it? NO FUCKING WAY.

I have nothing against working people in the sex trade, duh. But I tend to think people in the business sell a service. Not themselves per se.

My pal and colleague Will said it best, "It's not like the problem with buying girls is that it's not very masculine. It's that it involves fucking buying a human."

Oh. And I just found that this is a campaign from The DNA Foundation. As in "demi and ashton." Doesn't that make it even more disconcerting?

The end. Carry on. Talk about clothes.

P.S. I am in a Shoe Rut! Despite owning twelvesiezillion pairs of shoes, I have been wearing two pairs of boots over and over and over for months. Oh I occasionally throw in something else. But it is entirely unacceptable! Therefore! And Hear Ye! I shall henceforth for the period of 31 days beginning March the 1st in the Year Two Thousand and Twelve Ban Two Pairs of Boots as follows:

I am calling it the March Boot Ban Challenge. It is not alliterative. Sorry.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fashion statement

Yes, I watch the Downton Abbey. Also, I'm not given to the whole "Season 1 was soooooo good and Season 2 is so-so and I'm so tired of Poor Mr. Bates blah blah blah" thing. I just like watching it.

However! Two things.

(Yes, I did make Free Bates! t-shirts, mugs, and buttons because I do indeed wish Mr. Bates and Anna a lifetime of happiness, and I was having fun with fonts. They are in my Zazzle store. Ha haa haaa.)

(Should it have been "Free Mr. Bates!" instead of "Free Bates!"? I think "Bates" is best, no?)

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Score

Hey, who doesn't love finding something fandamntastic at the thrift store? Nobody, that's who. I find *so* *so* many good things thrifting. So much so that people ask me how/where/etc. Honestly, it's just that I shop a lot. Too much. But, that's how you SCORE.

Today I scored two gooooooood things.

First, cowboy boots. I have a law that I always buy cowboy boots that are within in the vicinity of my size no matter what. These are Tony Lama boots. I don't give a hoot about the brand, but some people dig that. They were $15, which is a grand price for fancytime cowboy boots but pretty much at the bitter edge of what I would pay for a pair of stupid shoes. Still, a score.

The boots at right are not exactly what I found, but pretty close.

Are capes a thing? Or are they just a thing in my head? Because, I so so love them. Today, also for $15, I found a mossy green genuine austrian loden cape. It has ginormormawesome buttons - just two of 'em - and ivory trim and collar. And these little chains on the inside that make the cap have sleeves. The picture below isn't quite right. Maybe I should take a photo of it. And the big tag inside that says "genuine austrian loden" on it. Pity I'm rarely cold enough to need it.

BTW, It's the second cape I've found in a month. I hope it's a trend!

This cape isn't exactly mine (mine has the ivory details, big buttons, and is shorter). But I wrote this after already snuggled in bed and didn't want to get up and photygraph.

Happy friday friendlies!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My top nine favorite style blogs. Why aren't there ten? I don't know.

One reason I got comfortable doing a daily outfit type blawg is because, turns out, lots of people do it. Presumably that's because lots of people are just as embarrassingly self-obsessed as me. Hello, my people! You're safe here!

I read a lot of blogs about all manner of things, but this here post is all about my favorite style blogs (which I decided to do cuz I'm adding one of those fancy type blog rolls over in the right column. Scrolly downy.).

Style blogs, just to be extra extra clear, are not fashion blogs. Fashion blogs, as I understand it, are the kind where you look at brand name products and review them and wear them and such. Nor are style blogs "beauty blogs" that teach you how to roll your hair just so or tell you the very best mascara to wear when you're running a marathon. Etc. Style blogs are about taking all kinds of stuff and making it your own. What's in fashion isn't so much irrelevant, it's just not the point. Same for being "pretty." Just not the point.

I especially dig those that use a lot of old clothes and thrift. Duh.

So here you go!

1. What I Wore Today is like the mother of all daily style blogs. This chick is bold and badass, and is constantly wearing and remixing the same items. She wears a way wider breadth of styles than me and I don't always love what she's done, but I love that she is balls out with pattern-on-pattern, and wild colors, and old and new, and all that is good about personal style. Tons of thrifted stuff. At right is my favorite recent post of hers. The skirt with the tights? Yes please!

2. Elsie of A Beautiful Mess is just adorable. Her blog is a lot of fun overall, chock full of sweet little projects and crafts and such, and the "Elsie's Closet" section is just freakin' cute. She wears lots of ModCloth, which is how I discovered her but also some vintage and thrift. Oh to be young. Sigh.

3. The Dainty Squid blogs about "personal style, nature, photography, and cats." Which except for the personal style part doesn't exactly woo me. But her blog is LOVELY. Thrifted everything (almost). Purple hair. Loads of tats. Likes mycology. And basically just seems like a nice person. Plus dear gawd check out her fingernails over there on the right. I mean, I don't really go in for that...but on her? It's perfect.

4. I don't know much about the girl behind Complex Cardigans, but another cardigan blog is okay by me. I love that this is a regular girl with regular clothes. She's a teacher so she dresses a bit conservatively, a bit preppy-ish. But very smart and classy-like. She actually blogs somewhat about teaching stuff. I'm not a teacher so, well, I don't read it. There is also a white cat, which I like.

5. I love LuluLetty. She rocks this 70s vibe, and usually looks so romantic and soft. Her blog has lots and lots of thrift (she and her pals even opened a thrift pop-up - check out the displays they made. YUM.)

6. This girl is so flipping gorgeous and looks like a movie star. I love the drama of her outfits. And that she overdresses (apparently) every day. She wears a ton of vintage and thrift and she layers it on thick and lovely. Here you go - Camilla.

7. Nicole Balch is designer style diy awesome blogger and does these rad style boards about all kinds of things, and her clothing ones are usually quite dreamy, even if they show lots of pricey things. She has an Eye as they say. And she's extra girly and loves pink. See? Me too. Sometimes.

8. I find I Want To Be Her endlessly entertaining. What makes it good is that it's not so much "what I wore" as it is "who I am and how do I express that in my clothings." It tends to be all fashion people hence the copious amount of fashion-y fashion things. Brand names. Fancy times. Beautiful people. Etc.

9. Ironing Board Collective is subtitled "the thinking person's fashion blog" and it *is* really more about fashion than any other blog I read. But these guys are writers above all else and they write the story of style irresistibly. Like this post. About animals and fashion. Fascinating and darling at the same time, like that cat over there from the post itself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And...that's it. Am I missing any of your favorites? Let me know!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Medifast vs Nutrisystem

This is not the right title for this post but it'll do.

The gist is that I spent about 10 months on Medifast and lost just shy of 100 pounds.

Then, I gained about 15 pounds back over a couple months. Now, I'm trying to lose that 15 plus another 15.

I decided to start Medifast again for a couple months. But, I just.couldn'

It's not Medifast's fault. It's my own propensity to bore the shit out of myself. Unfortunately, I spent a month being on program (that's what mf'ers say when they're following the plan) half the time and woefully, embarrassingly, dreadfully off program the rest. AKA, that didn't work.

I decided to acknowledge my boredom with the regime - it is very, very limited, even if you're creative and mixing it up - and switch to something else. I decided on Nutrisystem.

It's basically the same price as Medifast. It is more calories, more carbs, way more variety though - which (I'm presuming) will mean that I lose more slowly. I'm cool with that. Well, kind of cool. We'll see. Medifast worked so well for me that this seems like it can't possibly work. I mean, I get to have pasta! What? Everyone knows you can't lose weight eating pasta.

The food is still processed-y which I hate, but I truly know that convenience is critical for me. Most of the food is ready to eat by adding hot water or heating for a minute in a microwave. It's pretty good actually - or at least somewhat satisfying in the I-feel-deprived department.

I know that it's all a little silly. I mean, I could easily (in theory) figure out the calorie/fat/carb/protein counts that Nutrisystem allows and prepare better food than they provide. But, what with the traveling and two small businesses and laziness, that's just not going to happen and I know it. Not now, at least. If I'm in one place for two or three days at a time I can do it fine but lately...nope, too crazy.

So, that's that. I'll keep ya posted. Cuz, I KNOW you are DYING to know what happens next in this fascinating drama of weight loss and maintenance.

BUT, I'll try not to keep you TOO posted. Because it bores me too.

Monday, February 13, 2012

$6 sweet sweater

You guys, since I have just *not* been taking the time to photograph the outfit, I've been thinking that I shouldn't blawg. But fuck that.

Truth is, I just keep wearing tried and true outfits for the most part, and wildly unsuccessful new get ups for the other part. Boring on the one hand, and embarrassing on the other hand.

You know what's not embarrassing or boring? Finding a perfectly lovely beaded sweater on half-price day at the hospice thrift store. Half of $12 = $6 and I likey. There are moth holes and a little bit of staining but I don't really get worked up about stuff like that when a sweater costs $6.

I mean, I NEVER look like one of those perfect girls that dress vintage with a 40s hairdo and the perfect condition beaded sweater (Alice is like that, although she'd deny it). I'm always fuzzy in the hair area and torn in the stocking and untucked and what not. So moth holes? Fine.

So you wanna see that sweater? Yeah?

Okey dokey.

As you can see, the beads are those kinds that usually are on, like, moccasins. Not shiny. Sailboats and happines.

The back. And, let us agree, a cardigan which is complete with a FRONT and BACK design is the best.

Close-up. Do you see why $6 is the most awesome price for this little beauty. Luc
ky thrifter, me.

P.S. I wrote a fan letter.

My friend Allison showed me your web site, and if I fucking had any money I would spend it all on your darling skirts.

I love everything there. Dear gawd, I love EVERYTHING on your web site. I love the bric-brac and vintage europey scenes. I love the little woodsy creatures. I love that your skirts are long and thick-appearing. I love the appliques and birds and pockets and trees and windmills. And do not get me started on the cuckoo clocks.

Love, your fan forever, dear gawd help me not buy anything,

Lady Cardigan