Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Sir Cardigan,

Sir, I think you occasionally read this here blawg. At least I hope you do. I mean, what kind of Sir doesn't read his Lady's blawg? So when you read this post, I hope you will consider it seriously.

I read an article on the airplane today about two very fashionable men who make clothings (GABRIEL GARCIA AND OUIGI THEODORE, owners, The Brooklyn Circus, a clothing line and boutique), and have the raddest style on earth. I guess it's nothing new, but it's NEW to ME, so therefore it will be extra-new to you, Sir.

Sir, I would like you to dress like them. And, I could thrift the crap out of clothes like this.

Okay, so to be honest, I read about these young men in Hemispheres Magazine, that HARBINGER of the FASHION. Here is the link, but, more importantly here is the photo:

And...the text about what they're wearing:

Garcia (left): All Brooklyn Circus designs except for vintage scarf
Theodore: Tricker’s boots, vintage White Stag jacket and Brooklyn Circus pants and hat

What I like about this is that they dress fussily in the best way. There are details on their clothes. Like the stripes on Garcia's jacket, and their charming hats. But they are still Boys. And they could fix a sink or serve happy hour cocktails in those get-ups. Multi-functional.

Sir, there are some challenging problems with this style for you. A) They wear shoes with laces (dear readers, Sir Cardigan does not wear shoes with laces. I KNOW.); B) Rolled up dungarees are not your comfort zone; and C) They are wearing many layers and I am aware that you complain of being too hot if you are not wearing ONLY your short-sleeved Macy's-brand hawaiian shirt.

Sir, if you get over these "problems," I will make you a Brooklyn Circus Poster Man. Okay? Okay.

Love Lady Cardigan


I am traveling. You know what that means! Fun blawgy time! And it's a long-ish trip for me so YOU are in for a TREAT. Watch this space for weeping sentimentality.

Speaking of which, have you ever watched the television program called "The Bachelor?" I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DO NOT BECAUSE YOUR EYEBALLS WILL BURN THE FURY OF A HUNDRED YEARS OF FEMINISM AND THREATEN TO FLY OUT OF YOUR HEAD AT THE TV. The only cure is one bottle of white wine.


You guys, I have worn so many cute and thrifty things lately. I am so sorry that my photo-taking ability is in winter hibernation. Dark at night + crazy busy = no photos. But if I had to choose my favorite recent outfit, it would have to be my new (vintage) wool plaid poncho-cape. Lurve. I know, I tease. Someday.



Dear Cell Phone,

I fucking hate you. I hate how you pretend you are going to do what I want you to do but then your spinny thing just spins for bazillternity and so then I press the back button and you are all, oh hey, hi i was just about to do the thing you wanted but if you don't want to now, no big, fine, here's a sneak peek of what you were gonna see, but now, whatever, start over, ha ha ha ha.

NOT love,

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  1. This cold is kickin' my butt so I super adore you for giving me a much-needed laugh. And my cell phone must be talking to yours; hence, the mischief.