Sunday, January 22, 2012

Because Sir Cardigan has a cool shirt

One time, Sir Cardigan wore a cool shirt - a shirt that I thrifted but never thought he'd actually wear, given my experience with proscribing a style for him that he hates (see BOW TIES). A friend saw it on the facebook and mentioned that he too had this cool shirt.

So, when our friend and his missus visited us up at the inn for the crab feed this past weekend (man, we know how to live!), the boys schemed to wear their matchy-matchy shirts. It's fair to say that they were MOST DEF the cutest gentlemen in the room, and also that maybe they were gonna be playing the late show at the Mendocino hotel, one on accordion and one on the banjo. Yes? Agree? See (that is Sir Cardigan on the right, and our dear friend Shane on the left):

So, because our misters were so ding darn stylish, I tried to spruce up my friend Christine and my outfits too. Truly, Christine needs no sprucing. She's naturally spruced. Blue eyes, blond hair and all that. Still, look at what we were up against.

I had this box of hats that I scored at the Hospice thrift store a few weeks ago - three gorgeous pillbox-ish hats in perfect condition for $8 - but, ummm, who wears hats? It's just all so precious. Also, as I may have mentioned once or twice, I have dreadlocks. Dreadlocks + 1940s hat = kooky lady.

But, I'm trying new things. So as not to bore y'all (or me). Christine wisely stuck with her own pretty little headband (she looked darling). But I strapped on a red satin round hat with a little net. I felt like an organ grinder's monkey. And like I should be serving drinks on TWA in 1964. But, hey, I tried something new! Whaddya think? Is it a keeper? Or just too weird?

In other news, I got these Lilka pajama bottoms on sale at Anthropologie for quite very cheap today. They're adorable. Stupid, but adorable.


  1. 1. Those jammies are cool.

    2. I was at Anthropologie today also but did not see you.

    3. That is maybe my favorite shirt I ever did see Sir C wear.

    4. I love the pillbox hat but what do I know, I've been doing the monkey impression for years -- from the ancient photos with you in Monterey to prove it to the recent wing-ed version last week.

    5. That white blouse is smashing, like something Diane Keaton (my personal ultimate style idol) would wear.

    6. Crab feed, whoot!

  2. +1 for the hat. I am hoping cool hats make a comeback actually as it is the one fashion accessory I can really get behind. Especially in winter