Friday, December 2, 2011

Goth? Merely lady like? Hmmm.

I don't know what this look is supposed to be. But I wore it almost exactly a week ago, liked it fine, neglected to take a photograph, and filed it in the Future Outfits Folder and voila.

  • Black/cream cardigan with a rosette on the breast $7
  • Ivory velour raised floral print mock turtleneck $3
  • Swingy skirt, gray/black tweed and black velvet with flowery ivory applique $5
  • Chunky black boots $10
  • Black patent leather wide belt $1
  • Lovely ivory flower clip ons $2
Not thrifted:
  • Old black lacey tights $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Well I wore it in its entirety twice in one week. I think I like it.
  • Wait. I think it's kind of boring. I don't know!
Total outfit cost: $28

PS: World Famous Dreadlock Sidebun Alert! I try not to wear it too often so it's always special.


  1. What makes it (possibly) boring to you? Is it that it is only a two color outfit as opposed to three, four or more? Or, is it that the colors are not bright? (Genuinely curious, not being snarky!) Love the outfit.

  2. I love it too!! The textures are layered beautifully. Can't see the side bun though (silly camera)...

  3. Just a technical question. How on earth do you remember what you paid for every item of clothing? Love your blog.

  4. I *really* liked this outfit. But then, I am a big believer in neutrals (I'm wearing a full Black & Cream ensemble right now). This is swanky enough for evening, too.