Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where the eff is the photo?

Well hi.

I have been wearing some damn thrifty outfits lately but neglecting to take a photo because, umm, "I don't have time."


I have been neglecting to take a photo because, oh crap/gawd/shit, I have gained about 9 pounds since august.

I can't believe I am actually admitting this because I hate admitting weakness, even more than I hate boring ass weight loss blogs that chart every freaking ounce of this and taste of that.

But, the only reason I am doing this is to have some sort of accountability somewhere. So there you are. Or rather, here I am. Being accountable.


  1. No one can see those 9 lbs. in a picture. Only you can. So please your fans, damnit, and post!

  2. People are not here to monitor your weight loss. People are here for your fierce fashion and thriting and great writing -- and general badassness.

    J Do

  3. Here is where it gets hard to be evolved about weight issues, Mad. It's great to be enlightened in the abstract about who we are and what we are "worth" in society. But when you are part of the "them" instead of the "us" still have to love yourself and accept that you are just the best danged Lady Cardigan that you can be at this moment. More as it develops...