Sunday, November 27, 2011

I made a dress with glue, tape, and scissors. In my car.

25 years ago, my dear friends Jack and Kelly got hitched. I was a bridesmaid, and being how it was the 80s, I got to wear a really awesome dress. Royal blue shiny fabric in a sort of bo peep style with a blue hat. With netting down the back. And, I was about four feet taller than the rest of the you just know I was real, real pretty. Who cares? It was a wedding! It was fun!

This weekend, Jack and Kelly celebrated their anniversary with a dinner party at their house and I had decided to find that dress, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, and wear it to the party. But, I just didn't see anything that even came close in my thrifty travels. Saturday came along, and I resolved to leave the inn early enough to hit every thrift store on my way home and find something that would work.

But then the car in front of me got in a terrible accident - the driver is (I think) fine - and the ensuing helping out stuff put the kibosh on my plan for the day.

So, instead, I went to a fabric and craft store on my way home and bought fabric and supplies thinking I could get home and put it together. Unfortunately, traffic was dumb and I ran out of time and had to go straight to the party. That's how I ended up in the Raley's parking lot cutting up fabric and basically just gluing it together and to my body.

I cut one rectangle and wrapped it around my torso, securing it down the front with super glue and tape. I tucked the fabric into my brassiere on the top and into my skirt on the bottom.

I cut one large piece for the skirt, and tucked it into my existing skirt all the way around my waist.

I cut two small rectangles for sleeves and tucked them into my bra straps, securing with glue.

I added a bow at the waist and at the dip in my cleavage.

Then, I covered one of those weird foam/plasticy hats with the fabric using spray glue and then added the netting.

Okay, so it wasn't pretty. But I swear, it totally looked like the originally bridesmaid dress from the 80s! And, my friends laughed and enjoyed the silliness. Victory!

Even I am sort of stunned that it turned out so well. Hey, it was dark-ish at the dinner party! The sunny day here is not exactly complimentary.

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  1. I describe you to friends as Martha Stewart, if Martha Stewart was cool and funny and real. Once again, you've proven that.