Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Cardigan Alert! Jenn!

You guys! Meet my colleague, Jenn. The first time I met her I was interviewing her for a job at our previous company and I knew I was gonna hire her because she had super sweet retro looking fluevog-ish shoes.

No! Of course I didn't hire her for her shoes! Gah! I hired her for her smarts. And we still work together, I don't know how many years later.

Anyway....I scored this 50s vintage irish wool plaid skirt at a thrift store for about $7. I knew it would never fit me, but how can you pass that up? I'm glad it fits Jenn cuz I love love love these fall colors, and it was (I think) in pretty great condition. Jenn has paired it with (I think) a black/charcoal sweater and shirt - almost a twin set - and boots. A perfect outfit for Chicago (where she lives), yes?

Don't you kind of dig how she matches her office?

I think I might want pearls and a belt on that getup but then, I want pearls and a belt on practically everything. Oh, and for the record, Jenn didn't know I was gonna make her famous on this here blawg.

Also, is that some wild bag under her right arm or what?

Fact is, Jenn has always had a mad style all her own (maybe since birth, actually. Did you know she was a baby model?). Kind of retro but with a very modern vibe. She styles up her really short hair with color swooshes like purple or red, and can totally butch it up - but really she's a girly girl.

She wears wigs. And lipstick. And great big sunglasses.

And, she's got what they call guns! Check 'em out in that photo over there. I think she's wearing a grand summer outfit - a modcloth dress and big jewelry. Oh, and she's almost always wearing clothes that show off her fab bod.

But, and this might be her most awesome feature, She. Can. Dance.

I just know she will be extra glad that I shared this picture of her strutting her stuff on the dance floor. She's on the left. Gawd, I love Facebook.

You're welcome, Jenn.


P.S. Aren't we a stylish pair? We have joked that we should use the one on the top left on our web site. With our bios. To scare people. Photobooths + drinkietimes = excellent pictures!


  1. Super seriously--what a couple of freakin' gorgeous gals! Thanks for the guest spot, Jenn!