Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun and Exciting New Photo Feature! With Exclamation Points and Unnecessary Title Casing!! And More!!!!!

You guys. You're funny. Also, nice. When I said that I've been bleching on photo posting lately because I have gained 9 pounds, you were all, "we don't caresies! more photo times! lovehugs!"

YOU GUYS. How many times do I have to tell you this here blawg is not about YOU and YOUR need for photo entertainment. It's about ME and MY need to not gain back 100 pounds. DUH.* I've been coasting on nice people my whole life. Now is my grown-up time for the tough love stuff. So the next time I hold myself accountable for weight gain, I'd appreciate a little "Lady Cardigan, please go eat more arugula and less tator tot nachos so that you can continue to please me with your thriftified clothings."

However. I do feel bad that you have had to suffer because of my troubles so I have created a New and Exciting feature. The Annotated Outfit! Fun With Photo Editing!

Let us note that I have conveniently photosliced off my bulging hip area. Trust and believe it is there. I felt like a lady allllll day. Here are my hips! And my belly! And The Ladies! I was feeling a little on display but I rolled with it.

Also, kind of springy when really it is suddenly winter here (hence the ability to wear one of my many many many fake fun fur coats).

*PS: WAIT. You do know that I am being all self deprecating and stuff, and truly do appreciate your kindness, right? Okay. Good. That is all.

PPS: And here's another thing. My weight/loss/and feelings about it on this here blawg is not my LIFE. It's a thing. A side thing. That I do here. Please, in all seriousness, know that I like myself just fine. Maybe too much even! Dear gawd I kind of think I'm the bee's knees and am actually trying not to be so fucking special all the time! But, see, gaining weight because of eating shitty is *not* me being my best Lady Cardigan. It isn't. Gaining weight despite eating mostly healthy - well, that would be a bummer and I would have to go all accept-y on my ass. But I just absofuckinglutely refuse to cut myself slack on eating poorly and gaining weight. Do I need to punch myself in the head and think I'm a bad person? Nope. Do I need to get clear on my goals and be on the path to reach them and hold myself accountable when I stray? Yep. That isn't me being unfairly hard on myself. It is Lady Cardigan being a grown-up. Something I very rarely am and am pretty damn proud when I can do it.

PPS: I have many other Important Issues to discuss on future posts. Including consumption and The Many Skirts of Lady Cardigan. Coming soon!

PPPS: This blawg thing is WILD. Thank you for caring! It's sort of unbelievable!


  1. Lady Cardigan, if you have tater tot nachos, then send them my way! Lotsa love and arugula.

  2. I absolutely love reading your blog, and I've been checking back since Halloween to read a new post. Sorry to hear you're struggling a bit. It's just a temporary road bump, you can get back on track, and practice the great behaviors that helped you lose in the past. And consider that maybe you might be bored eating the same thing over and over again. Seek out a few new recipes to add to your rotation. Don't beat yourself up, just move forward in a positive direction. Good luck Lady Cardigan!

  3. Alrighty then, Lady C. Take better fuckin' care of yourself or there'll be Hell-o KITTY to pay! Seriously, weight is a mind fuck, front to back. Just figure it'd be nice to stick around as long as possible and so try to eat "as IF" that were possible. Don't make us go Medieval on your ass.

  4. ...and for just the ironic kick I was needing, the "secret code word" I had to type to get the above posted was "grazed." As in: a cow grazed in my refrigerator and now all I have left is tofu noodles!