Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anatomy of a uniform

I went to catholic school for twelve years, and I loved the uniform. I mean, I loved wearing any uniform, because it made it possible to dress in five minutes. Oh, and by the time I was a senior and understood the ins and outs of a short plaid skirt, I loved our specific uniform. The skirt, the loafers, the short sleeved white button down. All good.

I still like wearing a uniform. La la la. So easy and happy-making.

It goes like this:
  • Tshirt, generally with something on it. Today, elvis costello purchased at the actual show, duh, remember? $30. I KNOW. Stupid.
  • Skirt. Always. Often girly. This one's a plaid pencil skirt. $4.
  • Tights. Usually. Today, old lacey hole-y tights. $0. Old.
  • Boots, preferably combat or motorcycle. These are my awesome $10 Frye motorcycle boots.
  • Man blazer. Plaid. Or sometimes a cardigan. This one is fantastic, vintage, teal-y blues, maroon and black. $10.
  • Sometimes a belt (usually the kind with rivets or studs). But not today.
  • Depending on my mood, a bunch of jewelry or none. You have to go there or just not. Today, not.
  • I have to mix up patterns. Not a little. A lot. Lace, plaids, print tshirt. Gawd, so effing 80s. Madonna. Y'know.
  • Special addition on this nippy morning: My fingerless gloves, made by Alice.
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Nothing. That's the thing about the uniform. It's always perfect.
  • Although. Let us be honest. There's nothing unusual about the uniform. It's not just MY uniform. It's the uniform of 67% of people in the Bay Area, yeah?
Total outfit cost: Damn rockandroll tshirt. $54. Usually the uniform isn't so spendy.

And now, because I know how much you like endless photographs, here are more examples of the uniform.

Oh wait. You still aren't clear? Yeah, okay. There's more.


  1. Uniforms rock. As do you.

  2. Spot on about the jewelry. Gotta bring it or stay home.