Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A story about my high heeled shoes

(Hunger challenge day two way down there...)

I am wearing some truly grand shoes today. N.Y.L.A. nude mary jane 4 inch heels with a tiny detail that I love: a buckle with two prongs. Silly silly. I only wore them because I knew that my mister would take me to the train today and significantly decrease my strolling time from the bus station to the office.

I ended my day with a meeting in the next city over and hopped on the bus to take me a short stroll from home. Except that I was reading my book and lost track of where I was and got off the bus too soon, miles from home in a sketchy neighborhood. Oh, well, I can take the next bus the rest of the way home...but of course I have no more bus fare. Oh and I could call my mister to come fetch me...but in a stunningly typical move, none of my three - THREE - cell phones is exactly working (one I left at the office, one I left at home, and the one in my bag has a dead battery).

And that is how I ended up walking 40 minutes home in four inch heels.

It was a lovely evening and I do like a stroll.

And, well, yes, I do wonder how it is that I manage to function every day being such a fuck up and all. La la la.

Hunger challenge day two shenanigans below, but first...

  • NYLA nude mary janes $8
  • Charcoal pencil skirt with oatmealy type specks $4
  • Nude-ish cotton shirt with ruffles $4
  • Messy pearls (as opposed to mess-o-pearls because they've become tangled (shocking!) and now they are just messy $3
  • Pearl clipons $1
  • Pretty flowery bracelet $2
Not thrifted:
  • My mother-in-law thrifted and gifted this great cardigan - ivory with flowers and lace and pearl embellishments. Thanks Sue!
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I would make sure the phone in my bag worked and that I tucked a couple extra dollars in my cleavage.
  • The skirt is a little short for my taste.
Total outfit cost: $22


  • Coffee/medifast $1.40
  • Two hard-boiled eggs .34 cents
  • Spinach, sausage, yogurt $1.62
  • Chicken, yogurt, broccoli $1.47


  1. I am the queen of the fuck ups but I keep a $20 and an ATM/credit card in my phone protector thingy. I *always* have my phone so I'm never without the means to survive.

  2. A pair of flats in the voluminous bag is also useful.

  3. The skirt length and cleavage look great--so there. Madeline, you somehow always end up just fine despite what you call your fuck up's. It's the amazing grace of your Madelineness.