Saturday, September 10, 2011

Limits, no limits, what up

So, I ran into an acquaintance recently and she mentioned having some fab vintage things that maybe I would want since she doesn't wear them anymore. Digging in a bit, she said she was giving 'em away because she felt like she *couldn't* wear them.

Now, this woman is amazing, accomplished, and beautiful. I totally admire her. She runs one of the biggest businesses in the county (in inn-land) (which is not actually inland, ha ha) (it's on the coast). She's the face of this family business and feels like she can't dress any way other than relatively conservatively because of her role and the clientele of her hotel. I say pshaw to that.

But, what do I know? I mean, when I got dreadlocks, I felt like I needed to dress in a black suit and conservative top whenever I traveled back east, to DC in particular, to counteract the whacky vibe of my dreads. Because in DC, well, no offense to my DC pals, but people are generally not exactly whack-a-doo style-wise. Eventually I realized that HEY, I have dreadlocks and nobody gets beyond them. Ever. So, I can wear any sort of costume or a blue suit and the reaction is the same (that I am a martian).

Some may not believe me, but I never actually set out to be a freak. It just happened that way. And now, it's just who I am. I have multi-colored dreadlocks and tattoos (not many) and a nose ring and occasionally kooky (for some) clothes. And life for me, professionally and otherwise, is just fine. It's great, actually. Maybe I would have "risen higher" or been "taken more seriously" if I *didn't* have dreadlocks and the whole crazy rest, but damn, I feel pretty lucky and more than satisfied with my lot in life.

For that reason, I tend to think...hey, if I can be this guy, ANYONE can. Am I wrong?

I also have always just assumed that everyone is dressing pretty much however the heck they want. I assume YOU, right this minute, are dressing and presenting yourself in a way that makes you happy. But then when someone - like my acquaintance up here in inn-land - says they don't feel comfortable dressing a certain way, I say, REALLY? Why?

Today! Was a great day SO FAR! We went to an event at which we were playing the roles of Mister and Missus Innkeeper and therefore I was a tad more in costume than maybe a regular ol' day.

  • Red acrylic (!) beaded sweater $7
  • Blue and white gingham a-line skirt - handmade, I think $6
  • Chunky black boots $10
  • White beaded clipons $1
  • M necklace $4
  • Black/rose silver belt $2
  • Sheer scarf headband $1
  • Two super duper fabtastic costume bracelets, one red/silver/rhinestone and one milky blue/blue gem/silver, from the generous and wonderful HGM, a legacy from her apparently very stylish mother. Thank you Heather! $0
  • An old cowboy style shirt in white, blues, and lime $0 (old)
  • Deer clocklet $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Generally, a-ok! But maybe a short cardi instead of a long one.
  • That's all. Happy times.
Total outfit cost: $51


Also, I've been drinking at that aforementioned event. Wine. And a damn lot of it. It was so good! Yay, wine!


  1. Yay, you got them! Glad they found an outfit to click with. Enjoy.

  2. wow. I am blown away. Kudos for always dressing the way you like but do you REALLY think most people do? Do you think suburban moms dress whacky? What position does that put their kids in? This is a GREAT topic for discussion. You really hit on something. I think a lot of moms FINALLY feel some freedom to dress as they might like to, once the kids are grown. Really interesting blog post!

  3. Heather - Thank you thank you - loved wearing those bracelets; they made me feel extra special all day.

    Anonymous - wow is right! I really do assume that most people are happy with their look. I guess I'm wrong, or at least a little wrong. I do know lots of 'burbs moms who do like their look (or at least aren't holding back) so I've assumed that they weren't hiding their freak flag but just didn't have one. Others? I agree...interesting topic! Thanks for your comment.