Friday, September 2, 2011

I had this idea that my husband might wear bow ties

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. As you may know, I kind of dress in a costume a little bit, especially when I'm at our inn. And I wanted my mister to have a costume too. Y'know - so we'd be that kooky couple, blah blah blah. I thought he could wear bow ties and vintage shirts and dickies.

Umm, no. SHOCKINGLY, he didn't go for it. So now I have all these vintage clip on bow ties and I am going to start wearing them on both hair and shirt. Ha ha, hair AND shirt. Get it? Hairshirt!

I digress.

A lady at a thrift store the other day held up a short white strapless cotton dress and asked me if I thought that the dress was too teenager for her. Ha ha (AGAIN. GEEZUS). I said that a)I was the wrong person to ask and b)it would look very cute with a cardigan.

All this to say that I'm wearing a BOW(tie) in my hair and it is definitely too young and I don't care.

  • Black beaded MY skimpy sweater $5
  • Ivory polyester sleeveless top $4
  • Black boots $10
  • Ivory and blue bow tie $1
  • M necklace $5
Not thrifted:
  • Another Anthropologie sale skirt, blue and white striped fullish cotton by Maeve $39
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I think my boots need socks that peek out of the top.
  • I love this skirt. LOVE. I look gigantically hipped but you know, I am big of hip.
  • It's fun to wear a swingy skirt and bow in some weird infantilized way. Still, not sure how often I'll try to pull that off.
Total outfit cost: $64

30 SKIRTS HATH SEPTEMBER | SKIRT THE 2ND | FULL/PLEATED SKIRT (although Anthropologie calls it an A line. I disagree.)


  1. As usual, great, funny blog. I liked the idea of S wearing bowties. My dad sure wore them in the 60's. I have read your blog since you started and now I've started my own. I picked up some style pointers from you.

  2. Katie: I know! Bow ties are rad! And so is your new blog.

  3. The blog and the dreds remind me of Betsy Johnson and she is waaay older than us and super cool. I say up with bow ties! (although I'd still like to see Mr. WoC sporting one)

  4. Mrs. Superhero, I would love to look like Betsy Johnson...but, this is like Betsy's conservative, prim sister. She's so wild. Plus she always wears really bright lipstick which I dig.